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A little grace

2022-06-22  Staff Reporter

A little grace
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I think all my life I have been running away from pain and I felt like I should run away from you because of the pain I caused.

Should I’ve been a little problem solving oriented, I would have saved us from falling apart.

Maybe if I did not seek external validation, I would have saved us.

You were my happiness and my pride;

Happiness I should’ve fought for,

Happiness I lost in a blink of an eye.

Maybe one day you will realise my love instead of my wrong.

I am just human after all;

I am flawed like all under the sun but maybe I just needed some grace.

You showed me that but it slipped right through my fingers.

It’s like watering a seed and waiting for it to blossom.

But a strong wind and storm comes and weathers it away.

I mean I do have demons from my past; 

We all do, but I just needed a little grace.


* Richen Uamburu

2022-06-22  Staff Reporter

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