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Adopt a positive mind and grateful heart

2022-05-18  Staff Reporter

Adopt a positive mind and grateful heart
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Wilhelmina Iimene


Forced into quarantine for three weeks in 2020, Rahl-Jeanne Bussel used the time to reflect back on her life and what she had achieved over the past decade. 

Realising that she had gained numerous experiences and skills throughout her 20s, Bussel said she was inspired to pen it into a book and share with the generations to come.

This survival guide was published and launched in March 2022.

Titled ‘Importance of your 20s: A Guide to Success’, the book is a short guide, based on the author’s personal experiences on how to reach success while paddling through the challenges of life. Each book contains short tasks and has space for journaling. It also includes a 21-day guided challenge which involves short daily tasks/activities for 21 days. 

“The challenge allows the reader to adopt beneficial coping skills and enhance a positive mind and a grateful heart,” said the 30-year-old pharmacist and first-time author. 

Bussel has dedicated the guide to everybody in their 20s, but it is not limited to that age group.

She advised teenagers to get themselves a copy and use it as a daily guide as they prepare for bigger challenges and make important life decisions. 

“The spaces for reflections and journaling does make it very personal to the reader and upon revisiting it, gives room for improvement,” she told Youth Corner.

Because life does not come with a manuscript and there is no blue print to success, the author hopes that this book will somehow be a guide.

Here are some tips from her book: “Daily Affirmations - affirm yourself so that you can walk in the power of greatness”; “Love yourself, you cannot pour from an empty cup”, and “With Jesus in your boat you can smile at the storm.” 

Bussel’s wish is that the book serves as a survival guide for teenagers and for those in their early 20s; that they don’t suffer as much throughout the years of laying the foundation of their lives and, ultimately, reach success. 

“I also wish that this book can provide the self-love and necessary self-empowerment to positively take on life. You can achieve greatness through a positive mindset. You are seated above principalities and rulers, and we need to focus our eyes on heavenly things. Our creator is a man of miracles, signs and wonders and therefore, we have the power to achieve what the mind cannot comprehend. Always choose greatness,” the author advised. 

Besides writing, Bussel loves to spend time with family and close friends who have now become family. She enjoys spending time in nature, and adventures and road trips excite her a lot. 

She said: “Nature for me, is where the soul connects and you experience God’s creation and miracles.”

The book is on sale for N$230. Purchases can be made through Bussel on 0812901743, Book Den and PayBuddy online store. 


2022-05-18  Staff Reporter

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