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Another murder charge withdrawn from Katutura court

2018-08-14  Maria Sheya

Another murder charge withdrawn from Katutura court

WINDHOEK - Windhoek resident Jamee Kahuure last Friday walked out of Katutura Magistrate’s Court a free woman after the court provisionally withdrew the murder charge against her, related to the death of her friend.

The lower court has been withdrawing cases over the past few weeks for police investigations that are not finalised and Prosecutor General decisions. Notable cases are the murder case against Julian Dawson, Desmond Amgabeb, and Helmut Hoebeb. The State also withdrew its case against six suspected armed robbers Jafet Ekandjo, Johannes Kambonde, Nehale Gabriel, Simeon Nangolo, Laurentius Iipinge and Nghilivali Johannes.

Kahuure, 25, who was on bail of N$3000 faced a charge of murder for the death of her long-term friend Denice Toudy Willemse, 22.

Appearing before Magistrate Ndeshitila Shapumba, the court informed her that it was removing her murder case off the court roll, as the inquiry is incomplete.

The case was on the roll for further police investigation. However, such investigations were not finalised and according to State prosecutor Chainda Mpule, a photo plan and two witness statements are still outstanding.

Mpule asked for the court to give a final remand for the police to finalise its investigations, a request Shapumba bluntly refused.

“There is no plausible reason why the two statements and a photoplan could not be obtained since February, thus such omission constitutes an unreasonable delay on the part of the investigative officer,” said Magistrate Shapumba.

Kahuure was arrested on February 13, at Onyati in Okuryangava following a stabbing incident. The prosecution alleges that Kahuure intentionally killed Willemse by stabbing her with a knife in the chest.

According to police reports at the time of the incident, the two long-time friends got into an argument. Willemse walked away from the argument and went to her room, but Kahuure jumped over the boundary wall and followed Willemse to her room. She then allegedly stabbed her in the chest. The police indicated Willemse died instantly from the stab wound.

With Kahuure’s murder case struck from the court roll, the court refunded her the money deposited to the State for her release on

2018-08-14  Maria Sheya

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