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Come mingle at Grab ‘n Go

2022-07-29  Paheja Siririka

Come mingle at Grab ‘n Go
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Markets in social settings provide space for formal and informal vendors to network and sell merchandise and food – and it is also a great platform for family and friends to relax and mingle. Lazarus Hishekwa, the founder of Grab ‘n Go, is of the opinion that such markets and entertainment events are yet to be fully tapped into, especially in towns outside of Windhoek, and he is now taking the concept to Ongwediva, Otjiwarongo, Swakopmund and Rundu.

He explained that Grab ‘n Go is a social fast-food event they would like to spread countrywide and build a network of people with interest and goals of turning their passion for food and other entertainment events into profitable businesses. “Other towns outside of Windhoek are yet to adapt to the culture of the event and are, therefore, missing out on an economic opportunity. Every town we visit, we try and use the locals of that town for some of the services and also as vendors. This invites them into the event world and possibly inspire them to start their own,” he noted.

Hishekwa told VIBEZ! that from experience, they know that one event can be a source of income for a large number of people.  This is the first event to go on a country-wide tour by doing five of the major towns in the country: Windhoek, Ongwediva, Otjiwarongo, Swakopmund and Rundu. 

“By so doing, we are reaching more people in different sectors of the country.” The dates for the markets are 13-14 August 2022 in Windhoek, 3-4 September in Ongwediva, 24 September in Otjiwarongo, 29-30 October in Swakopmund and 26-27 November in Rundu. Planned to take place over a span of four months, every event will be capitalising on the momentum of the previous town, said Hishekwa. The Grab ‘n Go concept is an instructive social affair of culinary showdowns, and it aims to organise events through which they can professionally show off diverse food and cooking styles.  By so doing, they encourage entrepreneurship and at the same time revive the local entertainment scenes. 

Hishekwa continued that the more people get into it, the more competitive the industry will be, and competition breeds innovation. Spokesperson of the Rundu Town Council Benjamin Makayi told VIBEZ! they welcome such great initiatives to the region, adding it will be beneficial for the residents to be exposed to such engagements.

“The Grab ‘n Go project of touring the country is a good way of getting the young people together to discuss business opportunities. I applaud the team for this,” expressed Makayi.






2022-07-29  Paheja Siririka

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