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Cops accused of refusing to register cases

2022-05-09  Eveline de Klerk

Cops accused of refusing to register cases
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Police officers in Oshana region are accused of turning away or ignoring civilians when they approach stations for assistance.

It is alleged that members of the public are told they cannot register cases when they do not know the suspects.

This practice was heavily condemned by Oshana police commissioner Rauha Amwele, who said she was aware of the complaints and that such behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Amwele advised the public to report such incidences immediately to station commanders. 

“If anyone goes to a police station and comes across this, then it must be reported. There should be no delay; the words of efficiency and effectiveness should apply in the charge office. That is the window of the police,” she said.

She added all police officers know their duties. 

They know what to do and what not to do – and they should respect their work.

“What is needed is just to write the statements and what is reported, but the court will handle the rest,” she explained.

Contacted for comment, Oshana Police spokesperson Thomas Aiyambo said the issue is being attended to.

“We received a lot of complaints in terms of registering of cases. We have put up strategies to address this issue,” he said.

Aiyambo further said there have been numerous complaints by members of the public that some police officers render poor service.

“Civilians are being sent back if they don’t know the suspects, which is not right. The police officer must do their job. They are supposed to help the public,” he noted.

He said it is painful to go back home without any help. 

The reason one comes to the police station is that they need assistance whether or not they know the suspects.

“Some people insured their house properties – and to claim, they need to issue police reports,” he explained.


2022-05-09  Eveline de Klerk

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