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Dispatched thoughts - Answer to Yourself 

2020-08-12  Olavi Popyeinawa

Dispatched thoughts - Answer to Yourself 
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We can never outrun our choices and habits, they will always be with us and we will always have to answer for them; whether they are positive or negative, we will all eventually reap the fruits of our labour.  

In a world where we have to work with other people and depend on each other for it to function properly, it’s understandable that it won’t always work out; people are created differently and think and act differently, it is not always going to work out with everyone.
At the end of the day, there will always be one common denominator that will remain unchanged. It doesn’t matter what happened or how it happened, the one thing that will not change is you. It’s either you are making it happen or it’s happening to you. You have to answer to yourself.
Spend enough time around people, especially the youth, and you will quickly notice how they believe they are the victims to everything happening in the world. They are quick to point fingers and put the blame on everyone and everything but themselves.
Everyone can easily find fault in something or someone else but would need to be reminded of the faults they make on an almost daily basis and in many cases, it is never their fault or problem to fix, you let yourself go and now things just happen to you.  

Respect yourself as you would want others to respect you. People, in general, will show the same amount of respect to you that you show to yourself as the elders say – people’s behaviour and actions towards you are a reflection of how you behave towards yourself.
Be responsible as a person, look up to yourself and be your own shining example. It can be exhausting and risky to depend on people and external things; ultimately nobody will save you, only you can do that. People will punish you or reward you based on how you react to them.
Own up to your successes and mishaps – nobody is perfect and just as you will win some, you will lose some. People don’t really care, everyone is busy judging themselves and trying to put their best foot forward. If you do misstep, own up those experiences just like you would if you had won.
It’s your moral obligation as a human to keep yourself accountable, after all you can never run from yourself. Answer for yourself.

*Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

2020-08-12  Olavi Popyeinawa

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