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Dispatched thoughts - Be a little optimistic

2021-02-24  Olavi Popyeinawa

Dispatched thoughts - Be a little optimistic
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It is safe to assume that the past 12 months or so haven’t been very encouraging, it has been a whirlwind of events that just seem to be worse than the last one. 
It will also be fair to assume that it caught a lot of people by surprise, even when we realised what we were facing, it took us a little longer to accept the reality we were in. 

Life has changed since then in ways we didn’t know was possible. Life, as we know it today, isn’t exactly what it was more than 12 months ago.
Such a change can understandably cause a pessimistic attitude and view towards life and for the most part, it did, and we have seen how most of the people at first were simply against any change to digital classes, services and changes in the operations of working hours amongst other things, it was a sad moment.

Like many things, that passed too and for a brief moment there was some air of optimism that life would
go back to normal and maybe become even better and it did, people were more accepting of what needed to be done to make tomorrow safer and better. Even though nothing had changed, people just seem much more optimistic. Life was still going as normal or as normal as it could be, but there was a sense of optimism and for some reason, it seemed things will turn okay tomorrow regardless of what today looked like.
We live in a world where time goes by before you know it, it won’t pause for anyone or stop and listen to you while you complain about how life is. It is just not the same as it was months or years ago, it will go ahead regardless. Being pessimistic about life robs you of time that could have been spent fixing whatever is causing your pessimism.

Things will always play out in the end, whether good or bad for you, they will always play out, better to be optimistic because whatever happens will always be in your favour if you frame it positively.
I was once told to think of some of the most difficult issues I had faced and overcame, as I did, I thought of how tough they seemed then, but they passed and you are still here, so why did you think your world was coming to an end then? Be a little optimistic, even if it doesn’t get better, it will pass.

Olavi Popyeinawa
Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa

2021-02-24  Olavi Popyeinawa

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