• September 26th, 2020
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Don’t wait for people to do things for you, get up and do it yourself - Bomba Shiguedha

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Popularly known as Bomba Shiguedha or Uncle Bomba to many, a husband and father of three has with his business partners conquered odds in creating opportunities for the youth.
They created a platform called Kasi Vibe Festival where the youth can showcase their products which aims to promote local businesses and The Garden Inn which is a form of a boardroom for future leaders, a networking hub.

“The drive for establishing The Garden Inn is that there was no place where young individuals can go to and have meetings. I like to call it our parliament. It is where we have our meetings. It is a hub for young Namibians. You are likely to find a doctor, lawyer, and an architect there,” said Shiguedha. 

He suspended the misconception about the place (The Garden Inn) being only a grab-a-drink type of spot. Being an entrepreneur or for a lack of a better word since Shiguedha feels the word is overused, he says he is self-employed and it started a long time ago. 

“At the age of 16, I lived with my dad and that is when plumbing chose me, my dad was a plumber and he taught me skills of the trade. I did not get formal training as a plumber,” Shiguedha mentioned.
The tricenarian was raised by a mother who used to sell kapana, so venturing into business was not by chance. It is in his blood.

The Concordia College alumnus registered to study accounting and finance at the Polytechnic of Namibia now known as Namibia University of Science and Technology after matriculating (Nust) however, he dropped out in his 3rd year.

“Applying at Polytech was not my calling and I did not have the means to continue, be it in terms of finance although I had a job, I did not have time for university which I did on part-time,” reminisced Shiguedha.
With the different ventures he has pursued, Shiguedha was excited to point out that local upcoming brands like Afro-print and its subsidiary Swift 30, Gweri Vintage Collection which has clothes and socks are all products and services that were partially discovered through the Kasi Vibe Festival. “The purpose is to shine bright on ideas or innovations on brands that have not been exposed,” he said.

In terms of job creation, Shiguedha highlighted that not all is forever. “Whatever employment we create, it’s not permanent, there are a couple of youths we give stalls to, where they can sell their products, it’s better than nothing,” he pointed out.

Shiguedha said The Garden Inn currently employs about 20 people. With Kasi Vibe, they have part-time people that come in which is on a voluntarily basis but they get a small allowance to take home.

Shiguedha took the opportunity to advise the youth, especially with the high unemployment rate in the country. “If need be- try volunteering, offer your services at no cost and let the company cover the basics, be it your transport to get to work and so forth until you prove yourself what you are capable of, instead of waiting to be employed. Try to get into the system first,” Shiguedha advised.

He also said the youth struggles with achieving what they want because of pursuing individual activities. People should strive to support a bigger cause then an individual cause. He further cautioned the youth to not venture into things for themselves.

“Whatever you are doing, take it as a seed you are planting. Take a look at the trees people sit under sometimes, they are not the ones that planted them. Do not do things for yourself, try to do it for a bigger cause,” he noted.

Shiguedha urged the youth to come and venture on projects together. “Let us work together, let us collaborate,” he concluded.  

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