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Flame’s 061 Live Radio streaming

2024-06-28  Pricilla Mukokobi

Flame’s 061 Live Radio streaming

Local producer Nesley Taylor, better-known as ‘Flava Flame’ in music circles, has launched his latest venture, 061 Live Radio. 

The online radio station is a fusion of energy and interactivity, which promises to transform the digital space with its unique blend of live radio and video podcasting.

In an interview with VIBEZ!, Flava Flame said the station is dedicated to entertainment and artist interviews.

He said 061 Live Radio is a beacon for both established and emerging Namibian creatives, providing them with an extraordinary platform to showcase their talents to a global audience. With its focus on fostering connections and amplifying voices, the station is poised to become a vital hub for the country’s vibrant artistic community.

“What makes us different from other radio stations? It is that we aim and strive to be the best online radio station in Namibia. We speak and engage with our listeners through audio and visual, and we also reach out to our listeners by making sure that they are entertained and informed. Again, the difference between us and other local traditional radio stations is that we go out to the community and promote, be it their business or events. We invite them to be a part of us. We tell it like it is, being both authentic and informative,” he beamed.

He added that the audience can tune in and expect good music and pleasant content. 

The producer said 061 Live Radio speaks to both young and old. 

“Since it is election time for Namibians going to the polls, we will be engaging with political leaders to get their take on the importance of young people going out to vote, and the role they play as political leaders on a show titled ‘The Dialogue’,” he noted. 

Listeners can expect to be blown away with the best of Namibian local podcast entertainment and community outreach programmes, all in the comfort of their home.

“In the future, we want to see 061 Live Radio being the best radio station ever. We want to produce quality presenters, and grow to be a household name in the country and the best streaming radio station,” said Flava Flame.

He added that the vision started in 2018, and now it has finally come to light.

2024-06-28  Pricilla Mukokobi

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