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Football lovers to toyi-toyi Friday... want Fifa to see their sorrow

2022-01-12  Maurice Kambukwe

Football lovers to toyi-toyi Friday... want Fifa to see their sorrow

The hype around the Fifa-Caf delegation that is here to assess the despairing situation at the NFA is growing rapidly.

 In the meantime, local football fans are mobilising themselves to petition the world and continental governing bodies to find an everlasting solution to see football return as soon as possible.

The Fifa/Caf delegation will be in Windhoek from today until Saturday and will meet members of the local football governing body, the line ministry, and NFA staff members at Football House.

Football lovers, sympathisers, current and former players, among others will take to the streets Friday in a peaceful demonstration that will culminate in the handover of a petition, pleading for the return of football in the country.

The march will commence at 08h30 at Zoo Park and participants will march to Avani Hotel, where the scheduled meetings with all the relevant stakeholders will take place.

Football agent and former football players’ union executive, Olsen Kahiriri is one of the organisers of the demonstration and petition. 

He told New Era Sport yesterday the core goal of the demonstration is for Fifa to deal with the ongoing infighting promptly so that football can return. 

Kahiriri, however, expressed hope that the delegation will find time to meet with them.

“Before the introduction of the Normalisation Committee, there were active football leagues in the country, and then Fifa introduced that committee and football stopped till this day,” he said.

“So, now that they are here, we as football lovers want to see them find a solution to football. We’re still in the process of writing to them to make sure they meet with us the fans and football players, who are equally important stakeholders of football. Because, if they don’t meet up with fans or players, then who are they doing this for?” he questioned.

Aggrieved Tigers Football Club forward Absolom Iimbondi wants answers as to why football has not been active in the past years and most importantly, he wants to see football return.  

“The nation at large wants to see changes and the cleaning of the NFA offices. We are tired of their fights and those fights lead to no football in the country which later affect players. What is really behind these fights, what’s really behind the closure of the league? Why do the NFA staff fail to work together as one? We as players also need answers to these questions,” he told this publication.

Football lover John Williams, a member of Thru Pass Football Magazine on Facebook, urged all and sundry to come out and voice their concerns.

“If you are a football player, doesn’t matter in which league, let your voice be heard. All supporters from various clubs, let your voice be heard. All vendors that sold their products at the stadium, let your voice be heard. All schoolboys playing for developing leagues, let your voice be heard. Everyone involved in football in Namibia, let your voice be heard.”

He warned football supporters to stand together and stand strong for Fifa/Caf to see they are unhappy. He also warned them to not complain afterwards while they have an opportunity now to voice their worries.


2022-01-12  Maurice Kambukwe

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