• August 25th, 2019
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Heavy rainfall brings relief to southern farmers

WINDHOEK - More than 140mm of rainfall were measured in some areas in the south and southeast of Namibia last Friday when drought-stricken farmers received the first decent downpours in almost five years.

Farmer Andre de Jager reports that a rain gauge in the southern part of Epukiro was filled up to almost 50mm by lunchtime on Friday. 

Just 50km south of Windhoek, farmers rejoiced over more than 50mm while people shook their heads in disbelief over the 140mm that poured over areas east of Gobabis. 
A little further west, Jan Pienaar smiled over the 80mm that drenched his farm. 

In the Swartrand, streams began to form when 50mm poured from the skies in just over an hour and west of the great Karas Mountains on farm Aningoas 60mm was measured.

 The Namibrand and Maltahὅhe communities were thankful for between 20mm and 54mm of rainfall received. 
Stampriet, Aranos, Koës, Gochas, Keetmanshoop, Karasburg and Rosh Pinah also shared in the joy with between 20mm and 30mm received, while John Brandt received 60 mm on Friday evening at Leonardville.

Farm Springboktrek, in the far-south near Aroab, received 100mm of rainfall and more was reported by farmer Piet du Toit. 
For many children, it was the most rain they have ever seen.

On farm Dassiefontein and surrounding farms, between 13mm and 100mm were measured and further south the precipitation ranged between 28mm and 49mm. On Friday at 19h53, the Karasburg football field was under water and roads in the village badly damaged. 

Farmers in the south are currently in a stranglehold of the accumulated effects of about five very poor rain seasons and the consequential restrictive drought. 

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