• September 30th, 2020
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Industry Loop - Annoying AF!!

I watch Namibian TV interviews all the time (both the national broadcaster and the private one) and there’s a couple of things that guests do that is annoying AF!
First things first, stop thanking hosts for asking a question. “Thank you very much for the question...etc.” Why in Dr Bernard Haufiku’s name do guests do that? We don’t need you to thank the host for the question. The point of the interview/discussion is for the host to pose questions/scenarios and the reason you are on the show is to ANSWER and share your expert opinion on the subject matter. An hour (or 30 minutes) long program and you want to thank the host every time they pose a question/scenario? It makes no sense! Or is it a crutch sentence to help guests gather their thoughts povi? Either way...it’s ANNOYING AF!

Secondly, STOP READING YOUR ANSWERS! Weet jy nuh...I feel like punching my TV when I see a guest reading answers verbatim. What the actual f**! You being there...means you are a leader on the subject matter. As a leader on the subject matter, why do you need a speech prepared for every answer like you are some washed-up politician?! This is exactly why I hate this story of “send the questions”. If it’s a technical subject matter that requires numbers, great...prepare your numbers ousi. But to read an answer verbatim?! On live TV? Like you are launching a presidential campaign? Starting with “thank you very much for the question” nogals? This is actually where these hosts need to throw follow-up questions at these tardy a* guests...nxo. But only a handful of hosts have the guts and talent to pose these follow-up questions. Honestly, that’s another story for another day that requires a whole discussion. Stop reading your answers verbatim...it’s ANNOYING AF!

Thirdly, can guests please just do us all a huge favour...and please do away with these stupid propaganda answers. 
Host: So kindly tell us about your company’s involvement in this project? 
Guest: Well, as the biggest company in the logistics industry blah blah blah.
Biggest company, largest, most caring company what what...really? 
4th factor...can guests please just be honest with their answers? Omes you are on national TV talking to a whole country. How do you go on national TV and lie? Net so waa? Like we are all that stupid nuh? Sports’ most powerful man, Freddy Mwiya on a show hosted by Lucy K was asked if corporate Namibia is doing enough for sports in Namibia. His answer? “Yes”. I’m like...wait what?! Wtf are you talking about?! Which corporate Namibia are you talking about? And no, MTC, NBL, Bank Windhoek, FNB and a few others do not constitute the whole of corporate Namibia. That’s probably 5% of corporate Namibia. Where the hell are the rest of the companies that make millions per month in this country? Especially South African multinational companies? 

Lastly, please make an effort and get the hostname right for Twaloloka’s sake! “Thank you very much for the question Mr/Miss Moderator”. Really?! Mr/Miss Moderator?! Like you really could not take a few seconds of your privileged life to learn the hostname? Look, man, I can stomach guests thanking hosts for questions how annoying it may be...but Mr/Miss Moderator is straight- up BS! Hosts are important! If you think what a host does is just a walk in a park, well by all means....please switch places and good luck with three people screaming in your ear all giving conflicting instructions, teleprompter that’s malfunctioning, spotlights beaming down on you and a babalas camera operator who keeps going off angle with his shots...good luck hey. 
Put some respect on the hostname. Learn the host’ name and address them on their name. Mr/Miss Moderator? Mxii. I’m annoyed!
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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2020-08-07 12:28:11 1 months ago

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