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Industry Loop - Radio presenters’ lives matter!

2023-09-22  NSK

Industry Loop - Radio presenters’ lives matter!

Not so long ago we featured Clerence Eiseb AKA CJ, a seasoned radio personality, on the podcast version of this column about the need for radio presenters to brand themselves. CJ, at the time, said he could literally count on one hand the number of radio personalities who are consciously putting an effort into their brands.

Many, at the time, questioned if I was really walking the talk. Whether my loud mouth may have prematurely criticised Namibian radio personalities without backing it up.

Well, boys and girls, you will be happy to know that my personal website has officially gone live. I understand that for many this may be trivial. However, for a kid from Walvis Bay who embarked on an ambitious plan in 2008 to conquer this country, this is anything but trivial.

It is a monumental step in the right direction for myself, my team and my dependents. 

In a recent radio interview, seasoned campaigner Laimi Elago could not stop mentioning the fact that I inspired her to consciously work on her brand as well. She mentioned that before the end of the year, she too will have her own page dedicated to her personal brand.

This is the way to go mense. As a radio personality, it pains me to see fellow radio presenters being comfortable with waiting for a paycheck. The radio presenters are in an extremely fragile position, especially on commercial radio platforms. You cannot be comfortable waiting on a paycheck with commercial radio. You do not own these platforms; you will be on top of the world today and tomorrow you could be off that platform in the blink of an eye. Take it from a 13-year veteran who has conquered different commercial radio platforms.

Take a conscious decision and turn your brand into a cash cow. Take a conscious decision and turn your personal brand into a self-sustaining entity. There is enough for all of us in Namibia. Radio presenters’ lives matter too!

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM


* I’m on Showmax FYI. Talk to me nice. Otherwise, visit my website

2023-09-22  NSK

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