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Jewels have more participation plans – Goagoses

2024-06-26  Limba Mupetami

Jewels have more participation plans – Goagoses

Netball Namibia’s (NN) president Rebekka Goagoses announced that the national team, the Debmarine Desert Jewels, are preparing for increased participation in international competitions. 

One of the significant upcoming events is the third Netball Africa Cup, scheduled for November or early December, as Africa Netball is currently seeking a host for this prestigious competition.

Goagoses emphasised the importance of honouring Namibia’s commitments within Africa. 

“We must participate in these competitions to prepare for the World Netball qualifiers,” she stated. 

“To qualify for the World Cup showpiece in the next two years, we need to compete against and beat other African nations.”


Invitations and financial considerations

While anticipating additional national participations, she highlighted the dependency on invitations and the necessary financial confirmations. 

“We are awaiting invitations for other international events, but these also require financial backing,” she added.

Goagoses expressed gratitude for the support received from various sponsors and organisations. 

“From NN, we must reiterate support from Debmarine Namibia, which has been instrumental in this journey. The costs involved in taking a team to another country are substantial, especially without a co-sponsor.”

She also acknowledged the vital assistance provided by 360 Ambulance Services during the team’s training camps and the Namibian National Olympic Committee for their help with visa applications, as well as securing an invitation to the competition in Australia.


Achievements and future goals

Reflecting on their recent success in the Pacific Netball Series in Australia, Goagoses proudly mentioned the Jewels’ achievements, where they won a bronze medal. 

“It is a proud moment for Namibia. For the first time, we participated in a world-class netball tournament set-up, and performed admirably,” she said. 

“We defeated the number eight ranked-team Tonga, and the number 17-ranked team Samoa with a respectable margin, which positively impacts our ranking points.”

Looking ahead, Goagoses stressed the need for more international play. 

“We are moving forward, and need to play more games. Playing at least three international matches sanctioned by World Netball each year is crucial for our ranking movement, and exposing our players to higher levels of play,” she stated.  


2024-06-26  Limba Mupetami

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