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Kabeza the PPE guy

2021-01-22  Strauss Lunyangwe

Kabeza the PPE guy

With every disaster, some see an opportunity – and for every problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat—and wrong, according to Mark Twain.

As the pandemic continues to rare its ugly head, with a second wave sweeping across the country, notable figure and former radio personality turned businessman Dwayne Oppel, popularly know as Kabeza Ishuna Kabeza, has found a solution.

The former radio personality is in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry, he confirmed to Entertainment Now! they are currently working around the clock to ensure all Covid-19 related PPE reach their indented destination. 
“We are becoming a leading supplier of high quality and budget-friendly personal protective equipment (PPE), with a core focus on service delivery, which is a major challenge within Namibia,” he explained.

While some have hit hard times, Kabeza’s SME company, Namibia Innate Supplies, saw an increase in demand for their products during 2020.
“The PPE industry experienced a demand that was at an all-time high globally; even construction companies started selling PPE, and that’s how we adapt. I’m clearly not a scientist or have the ability to see the future, but Covid-19 is here to stay for longer than expected,” he noted.
Kabeza hanged up his radio mic in 2012 and he has no regrets stepping away from the airwaves he once commanded with his humorous lingo. 

“I felt the time was right to make way for upcoming radio personalities and create opportunity so they experience radio. After all, I’m not a dictator to cling on to ‘Power’ and the change was necessary for me and those wishing to be a part of the entertainment industry.”  “ I can finally go to the shops in my pyjamas without having to worry about it ending up in the gossip columns. Please don’t get me wrong; it was my greatest pleasure to be allowed on your radio. I have some fond memories, but I actually enjoy the peace of mind that comes with just being Kabeza the PPE guy – cause, trust me, you must have a few screws loose when doing radio. Who talks to themselves for three hours? ”   He is very careful to try and give some thoughts of how the rest of the year will be, as things can turn out unexpectedly in the end. 

“I honestly don’t want to tempt the forces of nature; we all know what happened in 2020. Let’s learn from the errors of 2020 so that 2021 will be error-free, and we expect challenges with the ultimate goal of overcoming them, ” he said.

Kabeza advised aspiring entrepreneurs that some ‘connections’ are not ‘connections’ and that they are strategically placed to derail your goals. 
“You’ll be amazed at how much business you can do with a total stranger, provided you have product knowledge. Remember, this ‘big companies’ close at 17:00 and don’t operate on weekends and public holidays; this is where you perform miracles for your clients. They have a lot of muscle but they also have a lot of red tape; use that against them, ” he concluded.

2021-01-22  Strauss Lunyangwe

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