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Keetmanshoop municipal councillors re-elected

2023-11-21  Steven Klukowski

Keetmanshoop municipal councillors re-elected

KEETMANSHOOP – The Keetmanshoop municipal council will remain unchanged after the mayor, deputy mayor and three management committee (MC) members were re-elected yesterday.

After being sworn in by Magistrate Uchen Konjore, McDonald Hanse will serve another term as the first citizen of the town, with Easter Isaack deputising him. 

Johannes Vries, Annelize Knaus and Fatima Jossop were re-elected as members of the MC.  Vries has been also re-appointed by the mayor as chairperson of the management committee in the Landless People’s Movement (LPM)-led council.

Gaudentia Hanse and Johannes Nghidinwa, who serve on the ticket of the Swapo Party, will remain as ordinary councillors for another term.

In his acceptance speech, Hanse said the journey they embarked on as council over the past term was not without challenges. 

“In the first two years, we faced the trials and tribulations that come with being new in a local authority, navigating uncharted waters and learning the intricate details of our roles,” he stated.

Hanse said it was through these challenges that they grew stronger, more resilient and dedicated to the well-being of the town and its people. 

“I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every one of you for your commitment, hard work and perseverance,” he said, adding that, together, they have overcome obstacles, celebrated triumphs and forged a path towards a brighter future for Keetmanshoop.

He then turned to the council’s staff members, reminding them that their tireless dedication to the delivery of public services and commitment towards the betterment of the town’s community had not gone unnoticed. 

“I extend my deepest appreciation, as you exemplify everyday heroism,” he continued.

The mayor then thanked his fellow councillors for their unwavering support and trust, as well as the residents for placing their confidence in the council. -




Serving again… The Keetmanshoop municipal councillors are, from left (seated): Ronnie Vries, McDonald Hanse and Easter Isaack. Standing: Annelize Knaus, Fatima Jossop and Gaudentia Kröhne. Absent was Johannes Nghidinwa.

Photo: Steven Klukowski

2023-11-21  Steven Klukowski

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