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KFW celebrates fashion season

2022-12-02  Ramouna Shipunda

KFW celebrates fashion season

Having entered the fashion industry as a model, Armando van Wyk switched roles at the recent Katutura Fashion Week, and this time around dressed models in his creations. 

Van Wyk displayed his first-ever collection under his brand King_A_Apparel, to great admiration and standing ovations from many in attendance.

“I took part in the Katutura Fashion Week (KFW) merely for the experience, and for my designs to be seen on a larger platform. My main focus was breaking boundaries as my closing piece (showstopper) was a male skirt,” he said excitedly.  

In the collection, he was inspired by the “women kind”, and used pink as the dominating colour, and also because women have asked him to cater to them as well.Van Wyk also draws inspiration from street style due to the fact that “people are allowed to be experimental with it, and also as a day-to-day outfit for occasions”.  

He advised aspiring models and designers to focus on time management, and not to follow trends. “Rather set the trend, and make sure you finish projects on time, basically focusing on quality instead of quantity”. 

The fourth edition of the KFW took place at the FNCC.

Founded by model Dennis Hendricks in 2019, KFW has gradually grown to become one of the biggest fashion events in Namibia, bringing together different industry-related individuals such as fashion designers, local and international brands, models, show producers, make-up artists, stylists, jewellery crafters and many fashion enthusiasts on the same platform.  

Hendricks, who showcased his collection in the last slot, paid tribute to his mother who passed away earlier this year. He also vocalised how proud he was of his achievements in running the fashion event, as well as how grateful he is to all the designers and models.

“I have never in my life gotten goosebumps before when being backstage and watching models or designers walk the runway. It was breathtaking to see all the aspiring young models – plus-size, male, female and toddlers,” said a proud Hendricks. The KFW aims to unite the diverse cultures, ethnicities and traditions of Namibia through the art of fashion, and bring global fashion to the people. This year’s theme was ‘Where fashion meets culture and local tourism’, and witnessed designers from different African countries participating.

South African designer Mxolisi Luke Mkhize, who showcased in Namibia last year, said he finds the Namibian fashion industry to be quite fashion-forward.

“I find people very comfortable in their own skin, and therefore very comfortable in exploring new trends and even introducing new trends. The (Namibian) industry is fast-growing and very open and welcoming to everyone, especially people from outside of the country,” he noted.

Also ready to take on any opportunity that comes her way in terms of fashion is Annastasia Aindongo, the owner of @crochets_by_annah. She showcased her collection, which focused on short-length crochet garments to keep up with the hot summer season.

It consisted of 11 eye-catching rainbow-coloured pieces, matching the fresh hues of summer. 

Aindongo said she had to divide her time between working on the designs and exams, but it was all worth it.

On her debut at KFW, she said: “I have received great comments from different people on the collection, and this helped boost me into taking part.”

2022-12-02  Ramouna Shipunda

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