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Khomas region equips SMEs

2023-03-06  Van Wyk Amutenya

Khomas region equips SMEs

The Khomas Regional Council’s income-generating activities’ project handed over equipment to various small businesses in the John Pandeni constituency on 3 March.

The objective is to help the businesses generate income and create employment.

Constituency councillor John Moonde said “the programme is one of our highlights in the Khomas Regional Council to support small businesses within our respective constituencies within the Khomas region.”

He observed that they had an overwhelming number of applications from small businesses, and it was appropriate to support them because it also releases pressure as many regularly come to the office looking for assistance. 

“This equipment and materials cost N$250 000, and the beneficiaries are 28,” he added. 

Moonde said they tried to concentrate on those with technical skills like welding, plumbing, mechanics and electricians, but businesses range from catering services, animal feeding, fashion and design, laundry services, and all these businesses are needed within communities.

“The beneficiaries will sign an agreement as they get the equipment that they will take care of the equipment for what it was intended for,” he continued. 

Moonde believes that empowering the communities this way will also help them halfway. He told New Era “the participation of the youth was not at the level we expected them to be. We wanted them to be the frontrunners in this activity.”  

Moreover, he highlighted that they would start doing evaluations the following year. If there is no progress in the John Pandeni constituency, the money will be redirected to other important activities that will benefit the larger community.

“We are committed to making sure that our community strives for prosperity through these resources that are at our disposal, and also to make sure that they elevate themselves from the scourge of poverty,” he stated. 

The newly-elected councillor for the Moses Garoeb constituency, Stefanus Ndengu, told this publication that the government is uplifting small businesses in the constituencies, and lauded the Khomas Regional Council, adding that he will also conduct a similar project in his constituency.

Owner of Health 7 and Wellness CC Lorraine Dauses said here “it is my first time ever receiving something from the government. I am very happy.” She then urged the beneficiaries to take care of the equipment.

“Please, don’t let it sit at home and be a white elephant,” she pleaded. 

Owner of Hupee’s Day Care Centre Bertina Tjahikika told New Era “I am happy now that I got tables, chairs and toys for the children to use. They previously wrote and ate on the floor, and will now be very happy for the equipment.” 

Another recipient, Junior Malulu, said “I am very happy for what the government did for us. I am very excited, and even want to start working right now”. He added that his challenges are no more pressing, as he now got the equipment he needed for his carpentry business. 


2023-03-06  Van Wyk Amutenya

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