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‘Killer farmworker’ refers self for mental evaluation

2021-12-07  Maria Amakali

‘Killer farmworker’ refers self for mental evaluation
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The High Court has ordered for a farmworker, accused of murdering his employer and raping the wife of his employer, to undergo mental observation as he has requested.

Granting the order, Judge Naomi Shivute said the issue of memory loss with Kazana Nicolaus Hausiku (30) only arose when the State presented evidence from which the charges he is facing emanate. 

However, to rule out the possibility, he may be referred for psychiatric evaluation.

The court shares the same sentiments as the State that Hausiku has not really made out a strong case on why he needed to be mentally evaluated. 

His mother, Gisbertha Kapanga, yesterday informed the court that although she is only seeing him for the first time in four years, he does not have a history of mental problems. 

Hausiku, after informing his lawyer Tjingairi Kaurivi to step down as his legal representative, informed the court he needed to be mentally evaluated. 

“I want to go for mental observation because since the incident, I have lost my memory. I was involved in an accident on the same day of the incident before I got arrested,” said Hausiku.

The court postponed the matter to 20 January 2022 for the State to enquire if there is space for admission at Windhoek Central Hospital.

Hausiku is on trial on charges of murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery, driving without a licence and reckless or negligent driving – charges to which he pleaded not guilty. 

It is alleged that he killed his employer near Otjimbingwe in the Karibib district by hacking him on the head with an axe during the period 10 to 11 November 2018.  

He allegedly threatened the wife of the farmer with a panga, and raped her inside the farmhouse, whereafter he ransacked the farmhouse and loaded the stolen items onto a pick-up of the victim, and forced the wife to accompany him.

The state further alleges that while driving away from the farm, Hausiku overturned the vehicle between Otjimbingwe and Wilhelmstal. 

Hausiku, who had only started working for the couple in October 2018, on that fateful Saturday allegedly entered the kitchen of the farmhouse and demanded a firearm from the wife.

He was allegedly told they did not have one, but went ahead and started searching for it in the house.

He then allegedly took an axe from the kitchen, and walked to the kraal, where the victim was milking goats, and hacked him with the axe on the head.

Shortly afterwards, he stole household items, took the couple’s vehicle and kidnapped the victim’s terrified wife, whom he allegedly threatened to also kill.

Hausiku allegedly overturned the car about 35 kilometres from Otjimbingwe and fled on foot, leaving the woman at the car wreckage.

She was later rescued by an oncoming vehicle, whose occupants alerted the police of the brutal murder.

*The identities of the victims cannot be disclosed to protect the rape victim.


2021-12-07  Maria Amakali

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