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Lazza takes advantage of Covid-19

2022-05-13  Staff Reporter

Lazza takes advantage of Covid-19

   Rose-Mary Haufiku


With Covid-19 now a bit “laid back”, Namibian musician Lasarus Mvula aka ‘Lazza’ used the opportunity to produce the song ‘Mwamwala’ for Namibians to listen to while hanging out.

‘Mwamwala’, which means to chill and hang out, is the second track of his upcoming 15-track album titled ‘Affirmation’, to be released next month. 

Speaking during the launch of the song’s music video on Wednesday, Lazza said some two years back, people couldn’t have fun with their friends when the pandemic hit Namibia hard. 

“We just wanted to do something for the people since Covid-19 is now a bit relaxed. So, now they can Mwamwala to this song since it’s a chilling, having fun kind of song,” he noted.

He collaborated with Ann Singer on this single Afro-amapiano track.  

Commenting on his partnership with Singer, an award-winning singer and songwriter who has been singing since 2015, Lazza said working with her was amazing as she is good at what she does.

He added that on his upcoming album, he also collaborated with local artists such as Newturn, Sylvi, Dama Monique, Manxebe, Patrick of PDK and many others. The main producers of his album were Elvo, Arafath and Andrew. 

In February this year, Lazza released a music video for his first track on the album ‘History’, on which he collaborated with Manxebe. 

Lazza is a man of many talents, and is also the author of the novel titled ‘Iyaloo – be careful of the decisions you make’. He said his passion for writing and singing began when he was 15. Lazza joined the music industry in 2016, and has released three albums to date.



2022-05-13  Staff Reporter

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