• October 22nd, 2020
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Letshego encourages productive lending

Staff Reporter WINDHOEK – Letshego says it continues to drive the development of solutions that are responsive, solves customer’s needs and reward productive financial behaviour. In testament to this, Letshego launched their third “Improving Life” campaign on Friday morning. The campaign is a customer engagement and competition rewarding productive loan use by Letshego customers that also drives financial inclusion. Since launching the Improving Life campaign in 2016, Letshego Namibia has received over 7,300 stories from customers across the country over the past two years and is encouraging more customers to join. Through this campaign, customers are invited to share their stories on how they have used Letshego financial solutions to sustainably improve their lives and the lives of people in their communities, through a competition where they stand to win a productive asset. Through this campaign, Letshego customers are given the opportunity to win productive assets worth N$100,000 where five winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges. The campaign runs for three months until the end of October 2018. In order to enter the competition, customers obtain entry forms from any of Letshego’s access points across the country where they provide an account of ways that they used their funds productively and then submit their entries to participate in the competition. Entries are then reviewed and ten finalists are shortlisted by the Executive Management team, following which, an independent panel of judges selects the top 5 winners. “Letshego Namibia embraces a customer-centric change culture and understands the importance of solving for the needs of its customers. The Improving Life Campaign does exactly that. It helps us to understand how customers utilize their loans, which in turn assist us to introduce products that address their needs,” said Letshego Micro Financial Services Chief Executive Officer, Nicolaas Esterhuyse. The Improving Life Campaign forms part of the Group’s continued commitment to become a leading African inclusive finance group and has been rolled out across the ten other countries and consumer markets where the Letshego Group operates. Through the campaign, Letshego has been able to gain insights that have spurned them to develop more appropriate solutions, whilst also encouraging customers to borrow for productive rather than consumptive purposes. In addition to the Improving Life Campaign, Letshego has invested N$400,000 over the past two years towards financial literacy for its customers through workshops held across the country with their strategic partner, Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI). Letshego’s philosophy rests on creating financial inclusion through providing simple, appropriate and accessible solutions to its customers, especially to people who have historically been excluded from the formal financial sector. According to Letshego’s CEO, Ester Kali, they will continue to promote and drive financial inclusion and improve financial literacy for all Namibians. Their 2017 social impact survey for 2016/17 revealed that 79 percent of Letshego Bank Namibia customers used their loans for productive purposes, which Kali calls an amazing accomplishment. Letshego Namibia’s mission is to increase financial inclusion within the Namibian economy by leveraging digital innovation. They provide financially inclusive solutions to over 52,000 borrowers and now offer deposits, savings and payment solutions through their recently launched LetsGo All-in-1 account that will significantly enable customers to access broader financial solutions.
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2018-08-06 10:11:14 2 years ago


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    I think letshego must include or provide a way of funeral cover for its customers. Just by adding a small interest like $30/$50 on deductions.once customer pass on while still on deductions are active,assigned someone can claim for funeral arrangements.Mr Eddy baggio

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