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Letter - Lost all trust after 31 years of independence

2022-01-14  Staff Reporter

Letter - Lost all trust after 31 years of independence
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Ernst Noariseb


I have lost all trust in the motto of “One Namibia, One Nation”.  It never happened and will never be. It is wishful thinking on my part. You engrained this slogan to us but you live and continue to live on the other side.

I have lost all trust in Vision 2030. A farce concocted to make us believe things will change. Note: By then those who spearheaded it will be dead and we have to respond to our kids and grandkids as to why we were so blind. We are being misled. Vision 2030 did not even reach its first phase or any other phase(s) and our leaders are succumbing to Covid-19 and its derivatives. 

All national development plans (NDP) implementation and progress must be communicated to us. How can we have a new NDP whereas the previous ones were not implemented or partially implemented?  Other leaders will not see Vision 2030 due to old age. We should desist the blame game and should pull all of us in the same direction or strive to. 

I have lost all remaining trust in aluta continua. This was only meant for some people and will never reach our children or us. The same rhetoric as the above does not imply to us.

And to top it all, I have lost every remaining trust, integrity, respect, humanity and Ubuntu in our previous and newly elected leaders. They, as always, made promises during campaigns but forget us after sitting in their plush chairs. That is their old modus operandi, which will never change unless you and I change it. Leaders need to stop lying and making promises to the people. You all are liars, new and old leaders – because of these issues most Namibians are willing to put their heads on the block for Namibia. Let us continue to keep our Ubuntu spirit alive and never lose focus on it.

Every time you are being reminded and reprimanded that you are wrong you run to the bandwagon of, “you are a threat to Namibia’s peace and stability”.

You are the culprits who brought me into poverty, homelessness, unemployment and endless hunger. 

This is not the Namibia we envisioned – a country with vast resources and only with +-2.5 million people who are so poor that other nations take advantage of us.

You only look after yourself and those around or related to you. It is time to change and make changes. Namibians, we need to wake up and smell the coffee, call a spade a spade. Let’s demand leadership, good governance, responsibility, respect and integrity from our leaders before we all end up in the doldrums. Please! That is why we voted for them or elected them. 

This is our country and we cannot continue with this incompetence and irresponsibility. 

- Tired Namibian


2022-01-14  Staff Reporter

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