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Mabuzza seeks funds for tv series

2021-01-22  Strauss Lunyangwe

Mabuzza seeks funds for tv series

After appearing in a well-received web series, called Ompata in 2020, actor/musician Mabuzza, real name Fillemon Hafeni Stephanus, is turning his sights to his own television series this year.

He will collaborate with his brother Absalom Iita, well known as Bobby WVDK, as the writer and director of the yet-to-be-titled show.
Early in the year, Mabuzza took to social media seeking for funding to help get the project off the ground. 
He told Entertainment Now! the series will centre around the lifestyle of people living in Katutura. 

“We are talking about real things that we see on a daily basis in the hood. This will be one of the series that will steal people’s eyes and will be mouth-watering, of course – plus, this time around, I’m playing a different character. I just want to showcase that I can play different characters – and not just bad kid,” he explained.

The funding the duo seeks will go towards the production team, which will consist of a director of photography (DOP) and open-minded filmmakers, cameras and an editor.

Mabuzza appeared in Ompata last year, playing the villain, which kept audiences to their Youtube channel with praises. 
“I only did my lil thing cause once I go on set, I become that character; I go deep into it. That’s why, maybe, I was so outstanding from the rest. I parted ways with them last year,” he said.

As of yet, they don’t have an exact amount because, as time goes and filming starts, the amount will vary with casts needed as the story unfolds. 
“That’s film production for you – and you can never tell how much you need, but with any small amount we get, we will make sure we shoot and make a well-scripted series for Namibia,” he said.

As for the music side, he will be releasing an EP before the end of March and probably his last album by December. 

“2020 might be my last year of doing music because I’m sick and tired of fighting Nascam and funny battles with artists who got nothing year-in-year-out. Or we should rather wake up and build this broken music industry. So, Mabuzza will be more into film production,” he ended.

2021-01-22  Strauss Lunyangwe

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