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Maltas Club Namibia learns in Cape Town and Stellenbosch

2018-08-08  Staff Reporter

Maltas Club Namibia learns in Cape Town and Stellenbosch
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WINDHOEK - Maltas Club Namibia recently took their annual experiential learning trip to Cape Town and Stellenbosch in South Africa.

Maltas Club Namibia is a non-profit organisation which has been established for the sole purpose of empowering and lifting the inherent leadership and entrepreneurial potential of young Namibians. It has been in existence eight years now. The basic requirement is for each member to conduct community and volunteer service in Namibia. Additionally, each member of the club is also required to embark upon a regional and international trip, to learn more about other cultures, and to also expose himself/herself to relevant information which might not necessarily be found in the academic curriculum.  These in MALTAS are referred to as life lessons, that no textbook can ever teach you.  In simple terms it is learning by doing. 

The purpose of the recent trip to Cape Town and Stellenbosch was threefold:  The explore options for further studies after the undergraduate degree in Namibia.  To live with people from a different country and culture.  Lastly, to enhance the professional and personal development of each young leader.  One significant reality was the fact that for each of the 2018 members, this was the first time in their lives to get a passport and travel outside the borders of Namibia.  For Johannes Shikwambi (Maltas Secretary General) this was the moment he has been waiting for a very long time. Shikwambi also notes that the lifestyle he was exposed to during this trip is way different from what he is exposed to in Katutura – it was a true eye opener, he will need to reflect upon for many more weeks to come. 

In Stellenbosch, the students visited the departments of Industrial Psychology, Business Management and one of the worlds’ biggest underground libraries. Tuyeni Abisalam, the Maltas Community Development Manager says the experience is overwhelming and she intends to do the best in her studies to further her education in South Africa.  Selma Ingo the Maltas Vice-president, was impressed with the manufacturing ability of companies in South Africa and her eyes are set on studying at the famous Industrial Psychology department of Stellenbosch come 2020.  In Cape Town, the team toured the famous Canal Walk, Kenilworth (Access Park), Open markets and the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.  On their way back home, the team stopped over at the Suiderlig High School in Keetmanshoop, where they motivated the Grade 12 learners who were preparing for their August Mock Examinations.  Dr Wilfred Isak April’s biggest take away from this successful trip was that young people learn at their own pace and they must be afforded the opportunity to do so.  What might seem slow to the teacher is the perfect pace for the learner.  April is very impressed with this year’s group of young people from various universities in Namibia, and he cannot wait to see what the future holds for each one of them.

2018-08-08  Staff Reporter

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