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MTC endorses game development company

2023-05-10  Pricilla Mukokobi

MTC endorses game development company

Pricilla Mukokobi

Telecommunications giant MTC has endorsed Edu Game Namibia, a game development company aimed at training younger generations on game design, development, and programming skills.

This endorsement is part of MTC’s commitment to support innovative start-ups in Namibia through its MTC Innovation Centre, which is located at the University of Science and Technology in Windhoek. The MTC Innovation Centre provides a space for the creation of ICT products and services, fostering digital skills, literacy, and innovation.

MTC’s partnership with Edu Game Namibia is intended to bridge the gap between university curricula and industry needs by offering students practical skills and relevant knowledge. Edu Game Namibia focuses on teaching young students the fundamentals of game design, coding, and game mechanics, with the aim of providing them with the necessary skills to create their own games. By partnering with Edu Game Namibia, MTC hopes to prepare the younger generation to become creators and not just consumers of gaming products.

This collaboration is a positive step towards promoting digital literacy and innovation in Namibia, as it will provide young people with the necessary skills to become creators of digital products and services. By fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, MTC is playing a vital role in the development of the ICT industry in Namibia, which is essential for the country’s economic growth and competitiveness. In a statement, Nawa Likando, head of digital transformation and innovation at MTC, said, “we believe that Edu Game Namibia’s focus on game development is critical to the knowledge economy, as it prepares the younger generation with skills for the future. MTC is proud to endorse Edu Game Namibia, anode are committed to supporting their efforts to improve the skills of the younger generation.”

He added that, as part of the endorsement, Edu Game Namibia has access to the MTC Innovation Centre’s equipment, technology support, and resources. This will enable the program to reach more students and parents and expand its offerings to include adult training programs. According to Tutaleni Iilonga, co-founder of Edu Game Namibia, “MTC’s endorsement has been a significant boost to our efforts. The MTC Innovation Centre has the equipment and resources we need to foster our student’s skills, and we are thrilled to have access to it.”

Ezra Mulumbwelwa, one of the program’s students noted that, the Edu Game Namibia program has already received positive feedback from students. “These classes have been so enjoyable and fun, they have really taught me so much about game design. I can’t wait to work on my first game,” she said.

MTC’s endorsement of Edu Game Namibia represents a significant step towards advancing digital skills in Namibia and building a knowledge-based economy. With the support of MTC, Edu Game Namibia is well-positioned to train the younger generation and create a pool of skilled game developers in Namibia.

2023-05-10  Pricilla Mukokobi

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