• December 2nd, 2020
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MTC Knockout Project lives up to expectations …a night of thrill and GBV awareness

Maurice Kambukwe

WINDHOEK- The MTC Knockout Project, an initiative created and geared towards creating awareness around ongoing issues of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Namibian communities, on Saturday achieved all its set objectives of bringing Namibians from all walks of life under one roof to have a tough but much-needed conversation around prevailing issues of GBV.

On a cloudy Saturday evening at a fully-packed Windhoek Country Club, Resort & Casino, a number of Namibian public figures came out to put their bodies and lives on the line during the sold-out MTC Knockout Project in an effort to add their voices in condemning the persistent violence against women and children. 
The MTC Knockout Project chose to use exhibition boxing bouts as a vehicle to convey its message and stance against GBV, and various top public speakers, poets, musicians and activists all added their voices through their respective mediums.

By creation and thought, the Knockout Project was about creating awareness, encouraging a national debate around issues of GBV and also raise funds for Namibian organisations and programs that deal with GBV. 

It was an evening of heated action as the various partaking public figures knocked each other out and delivered blistery action in the ring, despite not being boxers themselves. The opening fight saw Mappz Kapofi stop Mufaro Nesongano in the opening round, while Sam Shivute also made easy work of Max-T during their one-way traffic bout. News anchor Theo Ishuna overpowered veteran radio personality Jossy Joss in a heavyweight contest, while Hikwa music great Sunny Boy managed to outfox DJ Cheeze and Amos Kambonde stopped celebrated gospel musician D-Naff but the fight was however declared a no-contest by the fight supervisor.

Paul da Prince and KP Illest rambled it out to a draw, while Dokkies Schmidt and Paul Shipanga also registered a draw. Tate Buti was forced to visit the canvass twice before calling it quits against the gigantic Michael Vermuelen. In the main fight of the night, young activist Job Amupanda showed some great skills and tenacity to stop prominent coastal businessman Johnny “JJD” Doeseb early on in the fight. 

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