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MVA FUND urges parents to keep children safe during holiday

2024-06-26  Staff Reporter

MVA FUND urges parents to keep children safe during holiday

The MVA Fund urges all motorists, community members, parents and guardians to ensure the safety of all children from all traffic-related injuries and fatalities during the  current school holiday. 

Road traffic crashes are among the leading causes of injuries and fatalities for children between the ages of zero (0) to 19.

 The high road safety risks faced by children is increased at night, before and after school hours, during weekends as well as on public holidays and school holidays, as children are most likely to be playing outside in the streets. 

MVA Fund statistics indicate that a total of 339 pedestrian-related crashes were recorded from 1 January to 29 May 2024. 

Statistics indicate that children between the ages of zero (0) and 19 are more vulnerable to pedestrian-related crashes, accounting for 44% (149), while those between the age group of 20 to 3 account for 32% (110).

 Pedestrian-related fatalities recorded during the same period further shows that a majority of those who succumbed to pedestrian-related crashes belonged to the 20-39 age group (38%), while the age group of zero (0) to 19 accounted for 37% (19) of the total pedestrian-related fatalities. 

For that reason, the MVA Fund would like to urge all motorists to drive safely, and keep to a speed limit of 30km/h around residential neighbourhoods. 

It is imperative for motorists to remain vigilant of their surroundings to avoid pedestrian-related injuries and fatalities. 

Moreover, the onus rests on parents or guardians to take responsibility to ensure children remain safe on the roads. 

Never let your child go near a road unattended, or to play on the road. 

Be extra vigilant, and always ensure children are properly secured in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt every time you drive. 

2024-06-26  Staff Reporter

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