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Ndapanda's Travels - The joys of Cape Town

2024-06-21  Ndapanda Haininga

Ndapanda's Travels - The joys of Cape Town

Recent headlines show that Namibians were the top African air travellers to Cape Town during the month of April, and while the highly sought-after Two Oceans Marathon (S/O to our athletes!) contributed a lot to that, it is probably that Namibians just love Cape Town, and I am here to share some of the reasons.

To be fair, my travel buddy contributed to that statistic, and ironically, because we too were looking forward to participating in the marathon (Okay, he was – I’m just a cheerleader). Nonetheless, we were in Cape Town and our stay – like every other time – was amazing!

So, what is it that Namibians love so much about Cape Town that they don’t get to experience in their own country?

Endless options:The number of activities to experience in Cape Town is endless. Without sounding ungrateful, as beautiful as our Namibia is, the majority of the activities during travel are safari. Game drive, boat cruise, sunset drive, sunrise drive – there are only so many things you can do before it’s all too monotonous. 

Cape Town offers quite the contrary. There is something for the adventure-seeker, for the relaxed traveller, as well as the luxury girl. The variety of said options is also quite attractive. Jet skiing, paragliding, ziplining, arts cafes, museums – it’s all just truly attractive!

Food experiences: As a rule of thumb, a fine dining experience always features during each one of my travels to the Mother City. There is nothing quite like it; the flavours, the services, the drama! It’s all one of a kind.

Affordability: In my many years of travel consulting, the consistent complaint from potential clients with regards to exploring Namibia has always been affordability. The per-person charge often amounts to even more than what many make as a salary. It just does not make sense. Cape Town, however, has a range of not only more affordable options, but these options are just, and in some cases even more beautiful.

Therefore, my loves, if you’ve never been but have been flirting with the idea of a Cape Town trip, I am here to tell you to book those flights today. The trip will be worth every penny that leaves your bank account.

For travel consultation or collaborative work, please do not hesitate to reach me.

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2024-06-21  Ndapanda Haininga

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