• August 25th, 2019
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Norman Tjombe reacts

It might seem to be a good idea provided that it is implemented properly. The one problem I can foresee is that it is mostly corporate entities that tender in the government procurement processes. Thus, would the entire company be prohibited from tendering because one [of] its directors or shareholders has some outstanding child maintenance issues? Also, the government should not prevent people from complying with their child maintenance obligations by depriving these fathers of an income - but instead have the law tweaked to rather provide that the outstanding maintenance  amounts would be deducted from the ultimately payout of the tender, and be paid over to the beneficiary. Children are too important for their neglect by recalcitrant fathers to be left unattended. So one should applaud the government for at least thinking of these little beings who are our future. With a bit of more thought and planning, we can craft a great law.” 

*Norman Tjombe is a human rights lawyer based in Windhoek.

New Era Reporter
2018-11-09 09:10:11 9 months ago

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