• December 2nd, 2020
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Nudo manifesto focuses on genocide, reparation, land

WINDHOEK – National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) president Utjiua Muinjangue has launched the party’s manifesto for the country’s November elections. The manifesto focuses on genocide, reparation, women empowerment, job creation, housing and land.

The thirteen-page document was launched by the country’s only female presidential hopeful Muinjangue at Havana informal settlement on Saturday.

On the issue of land, ancestral land and redistribution, Muinjangue pledged restitution of ancestral land rights of Namibians who lost land because of colonial dispossession and genocide. 

“Nudo government will abolish foreign land ownership. All land shall be under the custodianship of the state, for equal redistribution to all,” Muinjangue said at the launch.

“Under the Nudo government no seller shall be allowed to sell his/her farm land in the market (publicly/privately) above the productive value of (his/her) land,” she added.

She said land prices in Namibia will be capped and controlled at agricultural productive value only.
“Fair and transparent processes and institutions shall be established to verify and determine ancestral land claims,” she said.

She said the ruling party Swapo has not delivered to the Namibian nation and has failed to address critical problems of poverty, unemployment and social justice.

Thus, she said, Nudo will look at redistribution of wealth and social and economic equity, by creating a welfare state to address health, education and unemployment.

“Nudo government will build a state dairy farm in every region, which will supply dairy products to all state institutions in that region,” she said.

Also, she said Nudo will make sure women are appointed in executive positions on a 50/50 basis.
“I will make sure that 20 percent of the procurement budgets’ products shall be sourced from women-owned businesses,” she said.

She said a Nudo government will provide collateral free micro-finance for women entrepreneurs and also strengthen women, the disabled and orphans to property and land rights.

On housing, Muinjangue said Nudo will consider the right to housing and shelter, like the right to life, as one of the cornerstones of human existence, and as also being inextricably linked to the right to dignity, as without shelter there is not dignity and there is no life.

“Nudo pledges to provide every Namibian with decent shelter. Nudo will abolish all corrugated-iron houses. Nudo will deliver serviced land to all citizens. Nudo will provide building material vouchers and will champion for urban settlement,” vowed Muinjangue.
Nudo currently has two members in the National Assembly and one in the National Council.



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