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Omaheke explains borehole tender delay

2020-03-13  Albertina Nakale

Omaheke explains borehole tender delay
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The Omaheke Regional Council has denied that a contractor, who won a tender to rehabilitate and drill boreholes in the region, disappeared without finishing the work. 

Council chairperson Ignatius Kariseb rubbished the allegations, saying suppliers caused the delay. 
“The issue that he disappeared with the money is not true. The delay was caused by suppliers of some parts (casings) to be used who are only in South Africa. The other delay was caused by the incident of the rig which fell while it was being driven to the drilling site and it had to be taken for repairs,” he said this week.
Kariseb confirmed that the contractor Northend Solar Solutions, which is owned by Martin Nambundunga, has started with drilling and rehabilitating boreholes in the region. The contractor was awarded the tender in November last year to drill 25 boreholes in various constituencies in Omaheke. By Tuesday, sources on the ground in the region said they had spotted the team of Northend Solar Solutions busy drilling boreholes at farm Ombirizu. They were also spotted drilling boreholes in Kambindana and Skoonheid areas.
Kariseb promised that the regional council would put pressure the contractor to at least finalise the work to provide the services to the community. 

He said the only unfortunate thing the regional council did was to appoint a contractor instead of sub-contracting the work to avoid delays in such eventualities. 

He also noted that the contractor has cleaned about 12 boreholes to date. 
During a recent visit to the region, the National Council Standing Committee on Habitat questioned the delay of some of the projects that are being funded by the drought relief funds channelled through the Office of the Prime Minister. 

Omaheke is one of the most drought-affected regions and farmers have lost hundreds of livestock due to the dry spell. 

2020-03-13  Albertina Nakale

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