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Personality of the week - Matomola shares her running story…urges everyone to take up running

2024-06-20  Limba Mupetami

Personality of the week - Matomola shares her running story…urges everyone to take up running

Lisa Matomola is a human resources management consultant, author and career and job-finder coach. She spends most of her time working with employers and employees, striving to create conducive workplaces across Namibia. 

When she’s not at work, she’s likely out running. New Era Sport caught up with her to learn more about her running lifestyle.


Why and when did you start running? What is the inspiration behind it?

I started running in 2018 after attending a wellness day hosted by Namibia Medical Care (NMC) at Grove Mall. There, I learned about the Windhoek City Runners Club and the NMC Social Run. I began attending the social run, and quickly joined the Windhoek City Runners Club. As a morning person, I find running enjoyable, and love the life lessons it teaches me. To date, I have completed more than five marathons, including an ultra-marathon at this year’s Total Sports Two Oceans in Cape Town.


How expensive is it to take part in races such as the Two Oceans?

Participating in races, especially those outside the country, is quite costly. The registration fee alone is over
N$1 000, and when you add in flight tickets, accommodation, Uber rides and meals, you need more than N$10 000. However, taking a bus can be more affordable. Costs vary based on personal preferences, particularly for lodging. Sharing accommodation with friends can significantly reduce expenses. Planning ahead makes budgeting for a race easier, and running combined with travel becomes an adventure.


Do you have a ‘go-to’ pre-marathon meal?

My friends and I have a tradition of eating pap (maize meal) the night before a race and oats on the morning of the race.


What’s your favourite post-race treat?

In South Africa, we often head to Nando’s chicken right after a race - it’s a Namibian thing! In Namibia, I enjoy any good meal, as my appetite after a marathon is uncontrollable.


What was your best running experience?

Running my first ultra-marathon in Cape Town was unforgettable. The views were breathtaking, and the pressure to avoid the cut-off time was both scary and exhilarating. I also love being a “bus driver” in races, helping others achieve their goals by running with them. The camaraderie in these moments highlights the communal aspect of running.


What do you not like about running?

Training for marathons requires waking up at 03h00 for long runs, demanding time and discipline. The sacrifices include managing food intake, strength training, bedtimes, and supplements. Despite the challenges, it’s all worth it for the benefits running brings.


What was your worst running experience?

The Batman and Robin Marathon was tough. The race became increasingly difficult and running through the lonely desert while not being very fit made it even harder. However, it was a valuable learning experience.


What do you hope to achieve from running?

I aim to improve with each race, have as much fun as possible, and eventually run outside Africa. I’m eagerly looking forward to my first marathon on another continent.


Top ‘newbie’ marathon runner tip?

Train and go for it. You will never feel completely ready; it’s a mindset. Completing your first marathon is the key milestone. From there, focus on strategy and execution. Running is easier with friends, so find a group that shares your passion and train together. Aim for improvement, not perfection - every race has its own challenges.


What races do you have planned to take part in this year?

I plan to participate in the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon in October. It’s a beautiful race. 


*If you are a runner, male or female and want to be featured, do not hesitate to contact Limba Mupetami at

2024-06-20  Limba Mupetami

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