• August 25th, 2019
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Police wants CCTV cameras installed at shebeens

WINDHOEK - The Namibian police will propose the amendment of the Liquor Act to make it compulsory for alcohol outlet owners to install Close-Circuit Television (CCTV) at their premises, before the issuance of a licence or renewal of their licences is entertained. 

“Some of the alcohol outlets have become havens for drug trafficking, alcohol abuse and all sorts of criminal activities,” Safety and Security Deputy Minister Daniel Kashikola said while addressing a police parade at Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College yesterday morning.

Kashikola said owners of alcohol outlets and alcohol retailers should also know that they are very important stakeholders in the fight against crime.

“They too need to install crime prevention means or devices to complement the policing services provided by their local police stations,” he noted.  Kashikola said they believe this is one of the most effective strategies as no person will intentionally wish or try committing a crime while being monitored.

He also extended this to private sector- including local banks and other business entities and individuals, to join forces in combating crime.  He said they have a crucial role to play in, for instance, combating money laundering, facilitating the identification of criminals-especially robbers who target bank customers after the latter’s withdrawal of huge amount of money, by having proper CCTV cameras within all their business premises.

Chairperson of Namibia Retailing Traders Association (NRTA) Andreas Nuule said the principle is not bad as it has good intentions.

“We strive for safety. The challenge will be the affordability for some shebeen owners,” said Nuule, further stating most of the places (shebeen) don’t have electricity. 


Selma Ikela
2018-11-08 09:08:11 9 months ago

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