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Popya with Gerson Awala: Gerson Awala fills the unemployment gaps

2020-02-05  Aletta Shikololo

Popya with Gerson Awala: Gerson Awala fills the unemployment gaps

OUTAPI – Spending many years at home without a job is what inspired, the passionate artisan, Gerson Awala to pave ways for other artisans in his hometown.

 Born and bred in Omafa ya Naule in the Omusati region, Awala say, “I have seen what my fellow youth have to go through to make ends meet. I have gone through the same struggles which pushed me to stop being a job seeker but a job creater.”

 Awala graduated from the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology with a level 3 in Diesel Mechanic.
 After years of seeking employment opportunities, Awala started his own garage in his hometown and over the years when his business became successful, he employed over 10 employees and trains about 14 apprentices from vocational institutions annually.

 During his interview with Youth Corner, Awala encouraged the youth to take up vocational courses and be employers.
 “ Not everyone can be an artisan, but of course I believe in a country that has the best interest of its artisans at heart, “he emphasized.

He said, “some of the apprentices I trained are currently working for me while others are already working for themselves. I train my people to become self-employed of which most of them took it seriously.”
 In recognition of his hard work, Awala was awarded a certificate of recognition from NIMT, Windhoek, Nakayale, Okakarara and many vocational institutions for being innovative and giving a helping hand to their students.

 He describes himself as the most humble man which he said makes him attract opportunities.
 “ I believe in being humble and hardworking, it is what made me who I am today. I have attracted many good opportunities since I started working for myself, in fact I am one of the diesel mechanics in my town that services government vehicles which is a major opportunity for me,” explained Awala.

  Awala aims to fight unemployment in his community, saying, “even though I cannot assist every graduate with a job in my area, I am glad I was able to make a difference in the lives of some artisans.”

 This year, Awala hopes to employ a number of artisans in his company, if things go according to plan.
 His dream is to grow his company and better the lives of his people.

2020-02-05  Aletta Shikololo

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