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Popya with with Tuhafeni & Jansen Andreas - Taking the welfare of twins into account

2021-10-20  Paheja Siririka

Popya with with Tuhafeni & Jansen Andreas - Taking the welfare of twins into account
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Raising one child without adequate resources is challenging; now imagine having to nurture twins, triplets or other multiple births.

Their mother narrating the difficulties of carrying and raising them – and coming across several moms struggling to raise multiple births prompted twins Tuhafeni and Jansen Andreas to set up an association.

They established the Namibia Twin Association of Namibia (TAN) earlier this year to aid expectant mothers of twins with food, transport, accommodation and clothing.

The aim is to ensure the mothers give birth to healthy babies.

“Our late mother always told us how difficult it was; there was pain in her eyes whenever she told us the story. It was not bad because our father was present; the only difficult part was buying double things (baby items) all the time,” Tuhafeni shared with Youth Corner.

The 34-year-old identical twins said they love helping people – and they constantly come up with ways to help where they can. 

They consider themselves blessed to have experienced unconditional love and guidance from their parents – something which is not the case for many others.

“We were raised by both our parents – a loving mother and responsible father. We didn’t have everything but we were comfortable and happy. We are grateful for our parents; they taught us how to be humble and respectful, and to love and help others,” said Tuhafeni, who is based in Oshakati, while Jansen is based in Windhoek. Among other things, the association intends to assist with burials of twins, based on the availability of funds, and enable teenage twins to report all abuse and gender-based violence incidents to the association. 

The two said in the next five years, they see the association changing the lives of not only the parents but also the multiple-birthed children by giving them hope.  

From now on, we see an expansion of this association, as we are positive that more and more people, businesses and direct government offices – which we are planning to engage – will help,” stated Tuhafeni.

This is their collective social responsibility to mankind, and the duo feels it is best to help where they can, instead of waiting for the government to act. 

To do so, they will be involved in fundraising activities to collect money for the different projects.

“These babies are the future,” said the optimistic Tuhafeni.


2021-10-20  Paheja Siririka

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