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Rowan goes solo

2021-09-20  Strauss Lunyangwe

Rowan goes solo
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Mexico-based Namibian model, actor and singer Rowan Summers has taken a leap of faith and gone solo after the group ‘LOVE’ he belonged to disbanded in April this year.

Summers has always been working on music, improving and honing his craft as a singer, songwriter and composer. 

He told VIBEZ! that he finally decided to release his first single Friday to introduce himself formally as a solo act. 

“I am now a solo artist – and ‘What If’ is the first single off my upcoming debut album. The song was composed in January this year. I was going through a lot of mixed emotions in my relationship, and I put all of that into the song. The song tells a story of hope, vulnerability, reminisces and resilience of a dying narcissistic relationship,” explained Summers.

The song for him interprets that moment within a relationship where one is stuck between the decision of holding on and fighting for a better future, or letting go.

The biochemist graduate from Unam, who got into modelling seven years ago, said he is always working on music, but does not neglect his passion for modelling.

“I work as a model and actor as well, so my day would be a mixture of all of these activities, depending on what demands the most of my time, effort and energy within that day. Also, am making my physical and mental health a priority, plus a lot more focused on balancing out my life.”

Summers has also felt the brunt of the pandemic while living overseas. There has been ups and downs for him throughout the past year within the entertainment industry. However, he thinks it depends on one’s perspective, and how you decide to move forward. 

“The ability to adapt to new methods of form and function within society, perseverance, drive, resilience, gratitude and self-belief can help you process and overcome anything – whether it’s kind or harsh, as well as not being a victim of your circumstances, but rather taking responsibility for what happens to you,” he added.

The new single will be accompanied by a video on which he is working very hard and creatively to tell the story of the song.


2021-09-20  Strauss Lunyangwe

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