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Rundu man recounts crocodile attack horror

2021-10-25  John Muyamba

Rundu man recounts crocodile attack horror
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RUNDU – A 29-year-old Rundu man, who was the victim of a vicious crocodile attack on Friday evening, said he ignored his instincts when he initially felt danger coming his way. 

John Nkomba Nashirere from Ndama informal settlement was attacked on Friday at around 19:30 at the popular Rundu beach, where he and many residents have been flocking to fetch water, since the town’s taps have been dry for days. 

“We haven’t had water for more than a week at Ndama, and we went to fetch water for household use, as we had no water at home,’’ Nashirere said.

 “I felt danger coming but I ignored my instincts.” 

Speaking from his hospital bed at Rundu, Nashirere said when they got at the river, there were many people fetching water.  

They also made use of the opportunity to bathe.

“I was going to fill up the last two 25-litre containers. While in the river, my instincts told me to leave the river. I got a bad vibe, but I said to myself this is the last one – and I won’t enter the water again. So, let me just fill up and go. I could have listened to my instincts, as they are never wrong, but I didn’t,’’ he said. 

He added a crocodile attacked him moments after filling up his last container.  

“It almost took me by my waist, so I jumped, and it came on to me and it took my leg, which made me struggle,” he narrated. 

“My leg got released but, in the process, it bit me at the back of my right thigh and then while struggling, people I was with noticed what was going on – and they started throwing things at the crocodile. But the croc was just coming for me.” 

He said he managed to get out of the water to higher ground, and he was rushed to hospital. 

“I was rushed to hospital; I was in a lot of pain. I felt like my muscles and leg were burning,’’ he said. 

Nashirere is currently admitted at the Rundu Intermediate Hospital, where he is receiving treatment. He is in a stable condition. 

“I didn’t want to give up; I fought it off and got injured in the process. I had excruciating pain, but I got some injections that made me feel a bit better,’’ said Nashirere, who is a self-employed barber and father of three. 

The ministry of environment has since Saturday morning launched a hunt for the troublesome crocodile.  

“Our officials are busy searching for it now, and it will be put down onceit is found,’’ said the ministry of environment’s chief control warden for Kavango East, Chrispin Konkwena.

2021-10-25  John Muyamba

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