• August 18th, 2019
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Swapo’s DEC ousts Khorixas mayor

Clemans Miyanicwe

KHORIXAS – The District Executive Committee (DEC) of Swapo at Khorixas on Sunday evening reportedly voted in favour of removing Khorixas mayor, Elizabeth Geises.

The 21 members of the district executive committee reportedly voted in favour of removing Geises who is on the Swapo ticket as the northwestern town’s mayor over her alleged link to the United Democratic Front (UDF).
The recommendation from the district will be forwarded to the regional executive committee and thereafter to the national executive committee for scrutiny before the final decision.

“Yes, we removed her as she is in cohorts with UDF. She is completely removed from the list of the councillors too and replaced with comrade Laurens //Hoeseb,” confirmed a Swapo DEC member.

New Era was informed councillors Emgardt #Nauses and Gerson //Goagoseb were ordered to leave the meeting held at Swapo office at Khorixas for a few minutes while Kleophas Tjuunduwa and Geises who was ousted were absent with reasons.  

Reinhardt Haraeb, the district coordinator for Swapo at Khorixas could neither deny nor confirm the ousting of Geises. New Era learnt from sources that //Hoeseb was busy compiling Sunday’s district executive committee meeting report before information will be send to the Kunene regional structures of Swapo. The district executive committee also endorsed  //Goagoseb to take over as the mayor deputised by  #Nauses while Tjuunduwa remains the chairperson of the management committee and //Hoeseb who is earmarked to replace Geises as a local authority councillor becomes the vice chairperson of the management committee. 

District executive committee member who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “It seems as if its //Goagoseb birth right to be mayor of Khorixas after he also failed UDF when he served on their ticket. Swapo is busy with an onslaught against women at Khorixas.” The committee members also questioned why Tjuunduwa was not removed as a councillor since he works permanently in Outjo, which is situated more than 60 kilometres away from Khorixas. Another district executive member warned that infighting at Khorixas will lead to Swapo losing the next elections at Khorixas. 

Swapo holds four seats while UDF have three seats. Geises is currently deputised by Eddy //Nanub from UDF while Lena #Gaeses from UDF is the vice chairperson.

Geises when contacted by New Era said, “I heard I was removed,” adding that she will wait and see.
 Earlier this year Geises was accused of working with UDF to become the mayor of the town.

New Era Reporter
2018-11-06 09:14:11 9 months ago

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