• June 25th, 2019
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Teachers warned about excessive alcohol use

Clemans Miyanicwe

KHORIXAS - Outjo circuit inspector Nuuyoma Thomas Amutenya warned teachers in his circuit that excessive alcohol use will not be tolerated.

Amutenya, in a telephonic interview with New Era yesterday, said: “We do not tolerate this behaviour (excessive alcohol use) by teachers. Principals might not have apparatus to test teachers at schools but one sees teachers who are under the influence of alcohol.” 

New Era was informed that one teacher was fired from Abraham Gariseb Primary School, situated at Ani#Gab, while another one at Khorixas is under investigation on similar allegations. “Stay away from excessive use of alcohol as we have policies forbidding teachers from that, especially on weekdays. We will apply our policies,’’ Amutenya said.
No cases of sexual harassment by teachers were reported last year in Outjo circuit which covers schools in Khorixas, Kamanjab and Outjo areas, this newspaper was informed.

When asked about the Grade 10 pass rate for last year, Amutenya responded: “It’s not satisfactory although they try their best. It was a reduction from 2017. We did not do well.”

The exact figures of last year’s Grade 10 results for Outjo circuit could not be obtained as the examination offices remained closed. On enrollment of Grade 0 and 1 pupils in Outjo circuit, Amutenya said that children were enrolled and there are none without schools as new classrooms were added at Outjo Primary School and St Michael’s Primary School last year.  

“This year the number is not significant for children who did not get space at schools,” the Outjo circuit inspector said. Yesterday four children did not get a place in Grade 0 and fifteen for Grade 1 were reported to Outjo circuit but those children will be placed in schools.

Amutenya warned that Outjo circuit will not take in pupils from other regions that misbehave or change the school environment without valid reasons such as death of the parent or work transfer of the parents.

Amutenya emphasised that he was counting on the commitment of the teachers in Outjo circuit and recognizes their efforts towards better results. “Teachers are hard-working and we will not have celebrated some achievements without their achievement,” Amutenya said.

 On parents, Amutenya said that education is a collective responsibility and that every one has a role to play. “We as parents must make sure that our children spend more time indoors after school and focus on their studies,’’ he advised. “I was impressed today (Tuesday) how fully involved they were with their children’s education when I visited various schools,” Amutenya was full of praise. Parents were further advised to make sure that their children have enough sleep and food so that they can focus better at school. “Children are not mushrooming around in Opuwo and Epupa circuits and the passing rate that side is high. Those parents realise the importance of education and invest more time in their children’s education,” Amutenya added.

Town hall meetings will take place in coming months to coach each other in Outjo circuit so that it can attain better results while a principal’s meeting will take place early next month.

Pupils were advised to respect their teachers, school authorities and fellow pupils and work hard towards becoming what they want to be rather than roaming around streets and bars. Amutenya warned bar owners and attendants not to sell alcohol to children and said that patrols will be done together with the local police in Khorixas, Outjo and Kamanjab to make sure that children are not outdoors during 


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