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At home with Lize-Leandra Ann Ehlers - The singer who yearned to be a florist

2021-01-22  Paheja Siririka

At home with Lize-Leandra Ann Ehlers - The singer who yearned to be a florist

If nature had its way and you didn’t know her as a singer, she would be a florist, surrounded by beautiful flowers every day but that is impossible as she has some alarming allergies so that is off the table. 

One more thing, it wouldn’t be shocking, because of her advocacy and activism on different things, especially human rights, that she was the first youth parliament president in 2004 but decided that politics is too difficult to pursue plus she likes peace of mind and politics would affect her mental health. 

Award-winning musician Lize-Leandra Ann Ehlers neé Kubersky (34) has braced your TV screens and performance stages on many different platforms and continues to do so. Born on 1 January, Ehlers has impeccable musical academic accolades.

Ehlers attended the Windhoek School of Singing for three years for Senior Opera Training, went to London Trinity College International for a Singing Concert Certificate, which she got a Distinction.
She obtained a Grade 2 Music Theory *Distinction from the University of South Africa (Unisa) and a three-year Diploma in Contemporary and Jazz.
“I also completed an Advanced Certificate in Journalism, Creative Writing and Media Studies at Unisa,” she shared.

Lize is married to Hendrik (63), a humanitarian, confidant and someone who has her back no matter what. 
“I am married since 15 February 2008. We have been together for 15 years. Hendrik is turning 63 in February. We have almost 30 years of an age difference, but that has only caused crazy conversations and an even more majestic music collection. He also films and edits online programmes and is the number one support system in my career in the arts,” said Ehlers with a grin on her face.

The couple has two children, a son Zappa (12) and an adopted daughter Lua (13), Hendrik also has two children from a previous relationship.
“My youngest son is called Zappa, named after Frank Zappa and he is 12. My daughter is called Lua like Moon in Portuguese and she is 13. We adopted her in 2010. Zappa and Lua are like twins. Inseparable and very creative. My husband has two beautiful children Karl (21) and Moya (31),” mentioned Ehlers.

She wakes up at 05h30, makes breakfast for the family, and then walks with her daughter to school with Coal the dog while her husband takes Zappa to his school. “I come back to exercise and meditate with Deepak Chopra online, then do admin or online meetings till 13h00. I always make a hot lunch for my family because that is the only guaranteed time my schedule allows us to sit together as a family. We take lunch very seriously and we talk about the day and what is planned.

Homework with kids from 14h00 till 15h00 then it is either rehearsal or studio from 15h00 till I’m done.”
After an exhausting long day running errands, performing and others, all the above is what she would love to see when she gets home and not to forget the canine sweetheart, Coal. 

“The faces of my beautiful children and handsome husband is all I need after a long day, plus the face of my darling dog, Coal. When I go sit down and stare at my Himalayan salt lamp I know all is well. My day would be made,” detailed Ehlers.
Despite the busy schedule, she always manages to put in hours of exercising. “I meditate and exercise daily, even if it is only on a light note. Since my heel injury in 2019, I cannot run or walk as far as I was able to in the past. But a daily physical and intentional movement is the only thing keeping me sane during the pandemic. I also like to watch the sunset with my husband and two little ones.”

We all love the kitchen for our cravings and Ehlers is no different, however, while we enjoy a cup of coffee, it’s a big no for her.
“I hardly drink coffee because caffeine is not my friend, it makes me twitch like a wide-eyed robot if I have too much. But I do love green tea (moderate tea caffeine is ok for me) with honey. I do not take sugar in my drinks. Sugar is the enemy, I haven't drank alcohol for about six months now but even before I stopped, I hardly drank because alcohol never did me any favours. So my current favourite beverage is hot lemon water with ginger and honey. It feels like an immune-boosting treat.”
She has a lot of problems, food-related but chicken ain’t one. 

“I love chicken breast with basil cream, rice and salad. I think it is the tastiest and most wholesome plate of food. I started training to cook different types of food when I prepared for my role as Gourmet Girl for Pasta Polana’s first TV show, more than a decade ago. I do not eat any alliums (onions, leeks) legumes (beans, peas) gluten (wheat flour foods, including bread, pasta and cake) fish or seafood. I have tried to ignore my sensitivity at times but it has almost landed me in hospital various times.”

“Determine if you can sing and what types of songs bring out the best in your voice. Get a professional opinion, your family and friends will not always give you objective feedback. Write to your voice or get a songwriter that tells visible stories in your music.”
She added: “Musicians are storytellers but without the right beat or melody supporting the story it will not resonate with others. So either create relatable music or find a great instrumentalist and or producer to put the story and feeling you want to share with your audience. Do research on who is trending in your genre and determine what makes you different/stand out.”

2021-01-22  Paheja Siririka

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