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Tulisan reflects on his musical growth

2020-02-24  Aletta Shikololo

Tulisan reflects on his musical growth

Born Tulinane Amushila, Tulisan, who has been in and out of the music industry, has proven to his fans he is more than just a cute face and he is ready to claim what is his in the industry.
The 26-year-old versatile artist released his 2nd album recently, titled Fimbi fimbi, which translates ‘chameleon’ in Oshiwambo and it symbolises his transformation in music.

Being famous as a child, the talented singer said he was blown away by the fame and hype from his fans, which turned him into a drug and alcohol addict, bleaching the quality of his music.
“I looked into my life and realised how far my music career would have gone if it was not because of the life I chose in the early years of my career. I became famous at a very young age and I could not handle the pressure that came and with too much attention from people, so I turned into drugs and lost focus,” narrated the bad boy gone good.

He said drugs have ruined many careers and good talents in the country, which is the reason he rehabilitated himself.

Drugs and alcohol are not the only factors that made Tulisan turn a blind eye on his passion and what he wanted to achieve; he said he was not mentally ready to venture into music and handling fame was an uphill climb.

He said, “I was still in school and there was a pull factor from my parents, my purpose to finish school and pursuing my calling in music, so it got everything out of proposition”.
Tulisan started making music when he was 16 years old at Erundu Combined School in Oshakati and made music his career after completing grade 12.

His transformation came when he had to go back to school. With the support of his parents, Tulisan got back on track and he is now pursuing his career in welding.
Focusing on his personal development, the soft-spoken artist said he wants to inspire the youth to find their purpose in life.

“This year, I will be doing performances at schools, where I will be motivating learners to be the best versions of themselves and not to repeat the same mistakes I did when I was young and reckless,” said the My girlfriend hitmaker, adding that learners also feel left out with performances because most of them are done in clubs.

Tulisan stated he wants to be a patriotic symbol of the nation. “I want to represent my country beyond measures. I see myself representing my fellow youth and also focusing on building myself as a young entrepreneur.”

As action speaks louder than words, Tulisan’s growth in music is reflected in his latest album that was released late last year.
His new songs are expressive and lyrical, and his collaboration with other artists is carefully picked, adding value to his album.

Fimbi fimbi is also a perfect album for all ages, as it accommodates everyone.

2020-02-24  Aletta Shikololo

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