• November 29th, 2020
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Two nabbed for hunting game

The police in the Omusati region have arrested two men for allegedly illegally hunting protected game. 
According to the regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Moses Simaho, the offences were committed on 17 October 2020 around 18h00 at Omutambowomawe and Okaonde areas in the Ruacana constituency. 
He said the suspects used their private vehicle to transport illegally hunted game meat, of which the police recovered one carcass of eland, three duikers, a dik-dik, a rabbit and a bow white bird. 

Simaho yesterday told New Era the main suspect in the matter was arrested after he handed himself over to the investigation officer at Outapi, while the second suspect was arrested at his homestead in the Oshana region.  They are charged with five counts ranging from hunting of protected game, hunting a game park or nature reserve, transporting of game meat without a permit, as well as the possession of a firearm without a licence. 

“The suspect utilised rifle and ammunition to shoot and kill the animals. They ignored all three provision police roadblocks on Onamatanga-Uutsathima gravel road on 17 October by diverting from Okahao gravel road into the bush road to avoid arrest by the police and further abandoned the vehicle in the bushes at Onamakaka village,” he said.
 The police, however, managed to seize one of the firearms allegedly used in the commission of the crime, while the vehicle was also impounded.  The two suspects were due to appear in court yesterday.
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Loide Jason
2020-10-29 07:18:13 1 months ago

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