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Uncommon sense - Embracing seasons  of life

2022-07-01  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - Embracing seasons  of life

Often, when we are presented with difficult circumstances, it is very tempting to give up. 

It is easier for the mind to magnify the situation and exaggerate it to the point where one can feel it is too much to carry.

It is not wrong to think or to feel that way though.

It is quite normal and human, and at no point should one blame themselves or anyone. 

However, what one often forgets is that there have been many similar situations before when one may have felt the same way or even worse. 

There have been times when everything seemed impossible, and the future looked gloomy but miraculously – and unnoticeably, none of the worst-imagined ever came to pass.

It is quite normal and human to sometimes go through the experiences to learn but one may still not get the lesson. 

For that, what usually happens is that similar circumstances and situations keep repeating themselves until the lesson is learned. 

When the lesson is eventually learned, one may realise the lesson is not even that complicated. 

It could even be as simple as realising that just as seasons of the weather, life too has its seasons and phases.  It is through these different seasons
and phases that, like wood, we are carved into our true potential and pushed towards becoming the best version of ourselves. 

It is also through these that we are prepared to deal with situations that would result from the things we have asked for.  Because to whom much is given, much is also expected. Life’s seasons have much to teach those who are willing to learn. 

Yet, it can and may be unbearable to those who may wish to have things their way or try to defy laws of the universe. 

As humans, especially in the age of social media and easy access to information, we do get carried away mostly due to the nature of the information we consume.  As the saying goes, garbage in – garbage out. Sometimes, what we consume for motivation and inspiration purposes can be the very information that can lead to mental fragmentation and toxicity. 

It may even get to the point that the mind that is supposed to be our most potent tool becomes a weapon of self-destruction.

The latter can simply be avoided if we first understand the laws of the universe as well as the seasonal changes that dictate the existence of other aspects of nature; just as we can learn from the trees. 

The tree can be as green in summer, but the same tree loses its leaves in autumn and looks as if its dead –

but again, it will grow new leaves and be green as can be.

 One would assume that even when it goes through all this, the tree would never worry or be bothered, for it knows about the seasons and that every year they shall come and go. 

Through all these and through natural intelligence, the tree would learn to adapt based on the lessons it learns.  It may even spare extra nutrients or water for the dry season, for it knows the season’s length can be unpredictable.

Just like the tree, we can learn so much from life’s seasons.  We can learn to adapt, spare resources, and even adjust our lifestyles. 

We can let our ego get off its high horse and humble ourselves when circumstances dictate.

 For, if we know that nothing is new under the sun, this too, even though not at our accord or expectations, shall pass.



Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimhwaka

2022-07-01  Karlos Naimwhaka

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