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Valentine’s day thoughts

2020-02-14  Aletta Shikololo

Valentine’s day thoughts

It’s all red and white in all corners of the country as people celebrate the day of love. Entertainment Now! went on the streets of Windhoek to ask people their take on Valentine’s day and this is what some of them had to say.

Ndeyapo Paulus
To me, Valentine’s day is about partners. On this day they spend quality time together to celebrate their love.

Pandu Haipinge 
This is a day where people waste money. Secondly, most people do not even understand the meaning of Valentine’s day. It’s not just about romance and lovers, on this day St. Valentine died and the day is meant to celebrate him because he died because of love. To me, it’s just a regular day because love can be expressed any other day.

Mr Naija
Valentine’s day is meant for everyone to appreciate and celebrate love with their loved ones. It’s not necessarily for couples only but for everyone to celebrate love in the world.

Sara Mbogoh
In my opinion, Valentine’s day is losing its meaning. Nowadays people only celebrate love on this day with their lovers and forget to express love to other people that also mean so much to them. Orphans, elderly people, vulnerable children also need love but not everybody gives their love to these people. I also believe that the love that is being celebrated by these young people is false, they are celebrating with broken hearts.

Gift Silume 
Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. I will spend the day with my partner and show her how much she means to me.

Kaweyenge Mushongo
Valentine’s day is really relevant because, on this day, love is celebrated worldwide. We don’t have war because people love each other and we should celebrate that.

2020-02-14  Aletta Shikololo

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