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‘Wind and rain has nothing on us now’… as MTC comes to aid of Kunene school

2020-11-23  Staff Reporter

‘Wind and rain has nothing on us now’… as MTC comes to aid of Kunene school
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Cecilia Xavier

OPUWO – Learners of Okondaune Primary School in Opuwo Urban constituency will no longer be taught in tents, thanks to the generosity of MTC who funded the construction of new classrooms.
The project was launched in July this year at the cost of N$1.6 million, where Okondaune Primary School and the Sinzogoro Combined School in Kavango West were identified to be the first beneficiaries of the project.  
This is part of MTC inspired initiative, the MTC Rural Schools Project, which answers the call to dilapidated schools lacking decent structures or have none in partnership with the ministry of education.

“We are pleased to officially handover this block of classrooms that we promised you exactly three months ago. We made a commitment through the MTC Rural Schools Project to build four blocks of classrooms for two different schools in two different regions. We are here to deliver on our promise, because when we make commitments at MTC, we deliver,” said MTC CEO, Licky Erastus.

Erastus further said the property belongs to Okondaune school, urging the learners to take their studies seriously.
He also encouraged them to take up their rightful place in society and empower themselves with education. 

“The novelty of the ‘Friends of Education’ concept is that together, as a Namibian nation living under the same house, exposed to the same hardships and challenges, should not allow the ministry, and in particular the Namibian government, to venture alone on the long and expensive journey of providing quality and equitable education to the Namibian child and adults alike. In that way, all learners can benefit from the wonders and positive ambience of conducive classrooms and the generosity of our strategic and developmental partners like MTC Namibia,” said education minister Anna Nghipondoka.
 On behalf of the learners at Okondaune Primary School, 15-year-old Lucia Mwatilevi expressed her gratitude towards MTC, saying they will be taught in classrooms and not under trees anymore. 

“Wind, rain and cold have nothing on us now. Today MTC stands for ‘make the change’ for they have brought us change. 
From the olden day telephone to today’s smartphone. 
MTC has brought us change from being taught under trees to being taught in proper classrooms. 
We thank you and remain blessed,” she said.

2020-11-23  Staff Reporter

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