• October 31st, 2020
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Woman to be tried for neighbour’s death

The prosecutor general has decided to arraign a woman, accused of killing her neighbour in a brawl over alcohol nearly two years ago in Otjomuise.
State prosecutor Sirka Nangoro informed the court that the prosecutor general’s decision was available. 
According to the prosecutor general’s decision, which was read into the record, Holtensia Kamati should stand trial on a charge of murder. 
Furthermore, she should be prosecuted in the Windhoek Regional Court.

Kamati, who is currently out on bail, made her first appearance in the regional court yesterday before magistrate Surita Savage, where she was informed of her scheduled trial, commencing on 2 December. 
Kamati was arrested by the police in November 2018 for allegedly fatally hitting her neighbour Johannes Kapewasha on the head with a brick, which caused him to die on the spot. 
According to police reports at the time, the fatal incident happened at a bar in 8ste Laan, Otjomuise, where Kapewasha was employed as a security guard at the time.

It is alleged Kapewasha wanted to have a drink from Kamati’s glass, which sparked a confrontation between the two neighbours. 
Following the confrontation, the suspect’s boyfriend allegedly tried to diffuse the argument by removing her from the bar and locking her inside their shack. 
However, she allegedly escaped without her partner’s knowledge. 

It is alleged after escaping from the shack, she approached Kapewasha from behind and hit him with a brick on his head and he collapsed to the ground. 
Kapewasha died on the spot from the fatal blow to the head. 
The incident happened at the bar, where the suspect resides.
Kamati has denied any wrongdoing during her preliminary plea to the charge of murder on 19 September 2019. 
No plea explanation was tendered in defence of Kamati in court but the defence team informed the court that the defence onus was on the State to prove their murder case against Kamati.
- mamakali@nepc.com.na

Maria Amakali
2020-09-22 09:19:51 1 months ago

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