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Youth laud Creative Entrepreneurship programme

2023-11-15  Pricilla Mukokobi

Youth laud Creative Entrepreneurship programme

Priscilla Mukokobi

Julina Kaakunga


Anneli Fikuloye, a promising 26-year-old fashion design enthusiast and student at the College of the Arts, is making her presence felt in the world of fashion. Her passion for fashion design was ignited by her mother’s long-standing involvement in the industry, and she has now embarked on her own creative journey.

She recently expressed her excitement about the just ended Creative Entrepreneurship programme, which has proven to be a valuable opportunity for her and her fellow participants. 

She said the workshop was a good thing because it gave them pointers on how to pitch their ideas. “I have learned a lot, and I think from here, I am going to do what I have been wanting to do for the longest time.”

One of her driving motivations is to address a perceived gap in the local fashion industry. She pointed out that fashion shows in Windhoek are currently minimal, and she envisions a future where all fashion designers come together to showcase their unique talents.

The Creative Entrepreneurship programme is part of the Creative Entrepreneurship Academy Namibia 2023 conference, a collaborative effort between the Unesco National Commission and the Unesco Estonian National Commission. The conference’s theme, “Heritage and Innovation: finding business opportunities in our cultural roots”, promised to be a transformative experience for Namibian youth.

An integral part of the event was a two-day workshop focusing on developing heritage-based digital skills and entrepreneurship in Namibia. Additionally, a ‘Hack the Heritage’ workshop was scheduled for young participants on 30 October and 1 November 2023, in Windhoek. The workshop is designed to impart knowledge in product development, entrepreneurship, circular economy principles, and digital technologies. Notably, the project is receiving co-financing from the ESTDEV – Estonian Centre for International Development, highlighting the collaborative efforts between Namibia and Estonia in nurturing creative entrepreneurship.

The event also attracted other creative minds, like Eric Nengola, a 25-year-old self-taught record producer and creative entrepreneur who owns a publishing house called Dead Kids Grow. Nengola attended the seminar to share his unique idea of producing and distributing music on vinyl, emphasising the importance of embracing individuality and avoiding trends that often fade away. “No one is selling vinyl in Namibia, like I believe right now I’m the only artist producing and distributing my music on vinyl.” He further advised everyone to embrace their uniqueness and stand out. Don’t follow trends as they always die out, he said. Toomas Rolaid, a 42-year-old trainer and facilitator, shared his insights about digital states and the creative economy.  He expressed curiosity about the developments in Namibia and the potential for collaboration between the two countries. “The Estonian team found the warm reception and strong English language skills of Namibians
to be instrumental in their interactions. They highlighted the ease of communication and expressed gratitude for the partnership with the University of Namibia and Unesco. This collaborative effort is set to foster creative entrepreneurship in Namibia and empower the youth to explore their unique talents and ideas,” he concluded.

2023-11-15  Pricilla Mukokobi

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