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Able Surprise wins MTC Winter Cup

2023-05-22  Maurice Kambukwe

Able Surprise wins MTC Winter Cup

Gobabis was filled with astonishment on Saturday as Able Surprise, ridden by Elton Coetzee, secured a remarkable triumph in the prestigious Open 2 000m category during the MTC Winter Cup.

Horse racing enthusiasts were left in awe as the talented horse galloped to victory, leaving its competitors eating dust.

The second and third positions were claimed by Bold Diva from Angermund Racing and the seasoned Starlile from Okahandja, respectively. The Gobabis Turf witnessed a thrilling event that captivated the crowd, attracting over 100 horse owners who were enthralled by the intense competition.

In the Nambred category, Sunnyside from the Professional Supporters Club showcased its dominance, claiming the first-place crown. Boma from Harambee Sports Club finished closely behind in second place, while Freedom Fighter from Ovitoto Racing secured a commendable third position.

In the exhilarating Open 1 400m race, Mr F from Eamon Freygang’s stable emerged victorious, outpacing the competition. La Luvia from Angermund Racing displayed an impressive performance to secure the second position, while Ammunius’ Visigoth finished respectfully in third place.

Unbroken Promises, another talented steed from Eamon Freygang, triumphed in the D division 1 600m race, leaving Chief Helmet from Otjinene Supporters Club and Angermund’s Sitting Bull behind in second and third place, respectively. Meanwhile, in the Nambred D 1 600m category, Bin Laden from the Professor Supporters Club showcased their skills, claiming the top spot. Bright Eye from Epukiro Turf and Ovitoto’s Try Again secured second and third positions, respectively.

Bold Boundaries, representing the Professional Supporters Club, dominated the Graduation category, securing a remarkable victory. Van eg Los from Okahandja Racing demonstrated its prowess, finishing second, while Song of Angels from Sim Alley Banks claimed the third position. The Nambred Graduation 1 400m race witnessed an impressive performance by Life is Good from Tallusmanis Turf Club, securing first place. Cut The Corner from Otjinene Supporters Club followed closely in second place, with Zula Boy claiming the third position.

Elton Coetzee, the triumphant jockey of Able Surprise, expressed his delight after the race, describing it as a challenging endeavour that surpassed his expectations. Coetzee attributed his victory to his unwavering persistence and faith in his exceptional horse.

“Competing against seasoned horses like Starlile was no easy task, but I managed to emerge victorious, for which I am truly grateful. I did not anticipate this win, but my unwavering belief in my horse and myself propelled me to give it my all. My ultimate goal was to secure the highly anticipated prize,” Coetzee said.

Lumon Freygang, representing the Namibia Horse Racing Association (NHRA), extended his gratitude to the sponsors for organising a well-attended event. He expressed his appreciation to all the participants and stakeholders, acknowledging the thrilling display of skill and the evolving nature of the sport.

“We are immensely thankful to MTC for consistently making our events successful. The exhilarating race showcased a new horse causing an upset, highlighting the positive evolution of the sport. I am confident that within the next three to four years, the sport will undergo significant positive transformations,” Freygang shared.

John Ekongo, a representative from MTC, expressed his satisfaction with the event’s turnout, aligning with their intended goals. He commended the MTC Winter Cup for living up to its expectations, bringing together numerous people from different communities to celebrate the


2023-05-22  Maurice Kambukwe

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