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New Era Publication Corporation (NEPC) procurement is conducted in line with the Public Procurement Act 2015, (“the Act”), and the Public Procurement Regulations 2015 as well as related guidelines and directives as issued by the Government of the Republic of Namibia.

Open Bids/RFQs


Opening of Bids

Distribution of New Era Newspapers | NCS/ONB/NEPC-01/2023

Supply and Delivery of Microsoft 365 Business Standard | G/RFQ/NEPC-07/2023

Supply, Delivery and Installation of a Backup Generator as well as Servicing and Repair of UPS | G/RFQ/NEPC-05/2023

Supply and delivery of Laptops| G/RFQ/NEPC-02/2022

Distribution of New Era Newspapers | NCS/ONB/NEPC-01/2022

Supply and delivery of Stationaries| G/RFQ/NEPC-20/2021

Supply and Installation of gate motor | W/RFQ/NEPC-02/2021

Printing of new Era Newspaper | NCS/ONB/NEPC-01/2021-22

Supply and Installation of Air-Conditioner | W/RFQ/NEPC-01/2021

Supply and Delivery of Computers Bids Opening | G/RFQ/NEPC-14/2021

Supply and Delivery of Media Equipment | G/RFQ/NEPC-10/2021

Provision of Driving School Services | NCS/RFQ/NEPC-1/2021

Supply and Delivery of iMac Computers | G/RFQ/NEPC-14/2021

Provision For Server and Software | G/RFQ/NEPC-15/2021

Provision of Internal Audit Serfvices | SC/RP/NEPC-03/2021