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Ace your learner’s licence test with Mathias

2021-10-20  Staff Reporter

Ace your learner’s licence test with Mathias
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Emilie Shimbali


Struggling to obtain your learner driver’s licence? Kambinda Mathias wants to help you ace your test in either Oshiwambo or Rukwangali, now that Natis allows the written test to be done in some local vernaculars. 

Effective 23 August this year, the public can sit for their learner licence tests in Afrikaans, Nama/Damara (Khoekhoegowab), Otjiherero, Oshiwambo (Oshikwanyama), Rukwangali and Silozi. Other languages will be added in future.

The 29-year-old passed his test in English in 2016 with 97%, and recently obtained a code 11 driver’s licence.

“The late establishment to write learners’ licences test in local languages is a well-thought-out plan, but learning in your mother tongue can be tricky and requires passion, because there is no professional book,” Mathias told Youth Corner from Swakopmund, where he runs his business – Mathias’ learner licence classes.

He said adaptability to changing circumstances and environments are critical for success. 

“So, it’s time to take the Oshiwambo syllabus seriously in schools, especially those who don’t understand its significance,” he urged.

Because there is no book yet that explains road signs in local languages, Mathias teaches his students by translating from English into Oshiwambo and Rukwangali. 

“Not everyone went to school and learned English, and if we only focus on English, our local people will be left out. People understand things better when they are taught or speak in their native languages.” 

Mathias envisions his company as a solution to the country’s unemployment in 20 years, as he hopes to hire more tutors to teach people in as many vernaculars as possible.

“Young people, whatever step you take, you are stepping on money; it’s just that you don’t have an eye for it. Always identify a problem in your area and provide a solution to that problem,” he advised his fellow youth, adding that “innovation is the end to suffering”.

He can’t wait to share the results of his 30 students, who will be going for their tests soon.


2021-10-20  Staff Reporter

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